Path to Purpose Spread

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.                                              ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


Green Tara from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. Hay House, 2004.

In light (ha!) of Helen’s comment about the 5 of Pents possibly pointing to my inability to ask for help when I need it, finding the above quote (stained glass windows being a usual feature of the 5/P) and the Green Tara – who is already special to me – card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle with the same message, I decided I should have another look at one of the spreads with the 5 of Pentacles in it.

Actually *seeing* the Green Tara card and absorbing the message makes me realise how appropriate it is for how I’m feeling right now. It’s a common theme to my life in general, but especially right now. I am drowning – not waving – at work and I resolve to quit on a daily basis. Somehow I never get ’round to it.

This spread is one I derived from a post on Erin Pavlina’s blog about finding your purpose and, more importantly, the path to get there. The exercise itself is very worthwhile and deserves more than a simple reading, but it’s a starting point. Admittedly, this is the easiest of spreads I’ve done recently, but it’s still a challenge. I feel very smothered by all that Earth energy and the spread seems decidedly masculine (though my ‘Tara is definitely male, so maybe that’s all it is?) The fact that that makes me uncomfortable, shows how much my personal energy is changing.

On to finding my Nirvana…


Tarot Nusantara by Hisyam A. Fachri, 2010

[1] What do you want to do? (desire)5 of Pentacles

Several options here:

  • keep slogging through the snow; cold, miserable, noble in my suffering (as awful as that is)
  • ask for help, but not being able to due to the above and simply not knowing how
  • help those in need – be the safe haven

This is such a difficult card in an especially difficult placement and I’m finding it really hard to squeeze anything positive out of it. Perhaps… I’ve always been one to reject help when I want to figure something out for myself. This is different from not asking for help when I need it; this is when I want to find my own answers, not just have them handed to me. Of course, that’s not always easy but it’s a struggle that’s worth it for the rewards. Hmm?

[2] What can you do? (ability)2 of Pentacles

Balance, juggle, stay on my toes, roll with the changes.

Positioned between 2 other Pentacle cards, I think this shows an ability to work both angles: want and should, desire and purpose. Maybe I can have my cake and eat it? I’ve always been good at wearing two (or more) identities; living in different worlds. But it’s tiring, having to split yourself up all the time and I’m really trying to move away from that into being integrated and whole.

An ability to adapt! Focus on more than one thing at a time. Looking forward to the 4 of Pents and my desire to help in the 5 of Pents, perhaps being able to manage my personal assets (largely physical and mental) and the demands of outside forces? It sure doesn’t feel like it! Four isn’t extremely fond of change and five is struggling with the necessity, but the 2 of Pents can make it work.

[3] What should you do? (purpose)4 of Pentacles

Guard my assets, no, manage my assets.

I’m getting a very positive vibe from this card, not the standard “miserly” one. It looks like he is wearing the one coin as a crown, using two as a foundation and presenting the final one from his heart. It’s almost as if he’s saying, “You have all these things and you can use them in all these ways.”

Hey, wait a minute there… As the miser, this card shows selfishness and a refusal to help those in need, but in the 5 of Pents, I desire to help. If this 4 is about guarding what you have, maybe it does all come back to the beginning: give little less, take a little more.

[4] What must you do? (need)King of Swords

And suddenly the tone changes :) All hail, the King of fair and impartial insight. Trust the King of Swords, for he will never lead you wrong. No matter how much Earth there is, it is no match for the Master of Air. So we’re back to “trust your brain”. Maybe, “clear out your brain”; cut through the unnecessary crap to see the path clearly.

There’s probably a lot more than that going on here, but it’s all I can see for now. It might be up to the King to show me the way, but right now my brain is running on fumes, not to mention the other stuff that’s going on in CerebellumVille requiring an MRI. At least my dreams are interesting!


6 thoughts on “Path to Purpose Spread

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Can I take a wild shot at interpretation?

    What do you want to do? You want financial stability and security. You want to focus on basic survival needs — food, rent, car expenses, etc. You feel insecure about these things now.

    What can you do? You’re good at juggling finances, keeping a lot of things going at once. Do you pay off one credit card with another?

    What should you do? You should focus on managing your assets. No impulse spending on yourself or other people.

    What must you do? Deal with your finances with your head, not your heart. Think. Plan. Calculate.


    • submerina says:

      I was trying to figure out the finances side of this, especially with 3 Pentacle cards. It’s not so much about the money itself – which isn’t a problem – it’s that I have to work to keep it not being a problem! And that comes back to personal assets. I trade one for the other; I haven’t figured out how to have both. I can either have complete loss of personal energy and accumulation of money, or vice versa. Gotta put those dancing shoes on!


  2. Helen says:

    I love the way the figures in the 5 are not just walking towards the 2 there is a sense of hurry, as though they know that in the two they may just learn to maintain a balance and in doing so, it will seem much easier to juggle those variants that exist in your day to day life.

    Do you then really desire more balance in your life, so that you can handle those things that seem to come up without it phasing you in some way. Are you using the assets you have in the right way? (not particularly talking about money here. maybe refers to skills) or are you keeping some things close to you, for fear to showing too much. Just remember that it is what you do with the things you have, whether it is refers to skills or money, that gives it its real value. It seems by the last card, that you must separate your emotions from your thought, and when necessary make those hard decisions for the greater good.


    • submerina says:

      Yes! I love it when the card interact like this. I just had a lightbulb moment from your last sentence there: I am so focused on being compassionate and fair that I suffer for it. Sometimes, you simply * have* to wield the Sword. The King doesn’t act unkindly or unnecessarily. Hmm…


  3. Violet says:

    Assets = personal energy, Sacral Chakra energy. Think about this in perspective of your energy, your life force……..what is this job costing you……what is staying in a job you want to quit going to cost you in terms of health……why are you not paying attention to your intuition and putting in place a ‘safety net’ (a new position) so you can leave. Have a chat to your Prostitute archetype…this situation is pure Sacred Contracts & Archetypes territory. You know what to do…..simplify simplify simplify.


    • submerina says:

      Ohhhh, the Sacral Chakra. My Prostitute is big on the “heart of gold” stereotype. She needs to look after everyone, and screw what that does to her. “Simplify” is exactly what I want to do. I don’t want to quit the job, so much as the position. I just want to step down in terms of responsibility. I’m learning important lessons and developing necessary personal skills. Learning to guard my energy and direct it in the ways it will best serve me *and* others.

      (I recently found out that I am *pure* solar plexus; yellow all the way through in the things I do, focus on, the way I approach life etc.)


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