When Houses Collide

DISCLAIMER : This post is for entertainment purposes only.
I don’t need any hardcore tarotistas or astrologers coming after me with pitchforks for the hotTt mess I’m about to create!

I love to dabble in astrology, even though I don’t fully understand anything much past the basics. I can somewhat wrap my head around the concept of houses, but between planets in signs in houses and then planets in houses and they don’t all quite match up… ack! Then, IDEA! I’m a visual person, right? And the tarot is somewhat aligned with the zodiac, right? Why not put the two together and see what happens?? GENIUS!

Using the Celestial Tarot as a crib-sheet, I was able to assign Majors to every sign and planet. The Spiral Tarot seems like just the perfect deck to actually try this visual-learning experiment out, as its Majors are heavily based in Greek mythology anyway and I always connect very deeply with them. As an added visual prompt, I included the Sabian Symbols to build a kind of monstrous, unholy collage of modalities that will no doubt mutate and stomp around downtown Tokyo in the near future MUAHAHAHAAA!! Then it was off to Astrodienst for a full chart workup et voila – let the insanity commence!

  • Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.
  • When looking at the cards, I read them as : (planet) under the influence of (sign) in the domain of (house ruler)
  • Using the associations put forth in Mythastrology, I have also included the God/dess for each planetary combination. Given an opportunity to complicate things, I will take it. Hell, I’ll take two!
  • This is more of a scrapbook entry than something to be interpreted at this time. Rumination and meditation. I’m interested to see which cards come up most often and in what combination… correlations, maybe?

Natal Chart

Sun (Ego) in Cancer in House 6 (Virgo – Health & Duty) :
Sun – Chariot – Hermit
10°55′ A Clown Caricaturing Well-Known Personalities
Decan: Death (Scorpio) – 3 of Cups
Demeter (/Melaina)
(Sun – Moon – Mercury – Pluto/Mars)

Moon (Feelings) in Virgo in House 8 (Scorpio – Death/Renewal) :
High Priestess – Hermit – Death
14°39′ A Fine Lace Handkerchief, Heirloom From Valorous Ancestors
Decan: Devil (Capricorn) – 9 of Pentacles
(Moon – Mercury – Pluto/Mars – Saturn)

Mercury (Communication) in Gemini end of House 5 -> 6 (Virgo – Health & Duty) :
Magician – Lovers – Hermit
26°22′ A Gypsy Emerging From The Forest Wherein Her Tribe Is Encamped
Decan: The Star (Aquarius) – 10 of Swords
(Mercury – Mercury – Mercury – Uranus)

Venus (Love) in Cancer in House 6 (Virgo – Health & Duty) :
Empress – Chariot – Hermit
14°55′ In A Sumptuous Dining Hall Guests Relax After Partaking Of A Huge Banquet
Decan: Death (Scorpio) – 3 of Cups
(Venus – Moon – Mercury – Pluto/Mars)

Mars (War) in Leo in House 8 (Scorpio – Death/Renewal) :
Tower – Strength – Death
27°26′ Many Little Birds On A Limb Of A Big Tree
Decan: Emperor (Aries) – 7 of Wands
(Mars – Sun – Pluto/Mars – Mars)

Jupiter (Growth) in Taurus end of House 4 -> 5 (Leo – Pleasure/Love Given) :
WoF – Hierophant – Strength
22°26′ A Jewelry Shop Filled With Valuable Gems
Decan: Devil (Capricorn) – 7 of Pentacles
(Jupiter – Venus – Sun – Saturn)

Saturn (Limits) in Leo in House 7 (Libra – Partnerships/Relationships) :
World – Strength – Justice
3°09′ A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition
Decan: Strength (Leo) – 5 of Wands
Ahura Mazda (resisting… urge… to make… bad joke…)
(Saturn – Sun – Venus – Sun)

Uranus (Enlightenment) in Scorpio in House 10 (Capricorn – Status) Rx :
Fool – Death – Devil
3°03′ A Youth Carries A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual
Decan: Death (Scorpio) – 5 of Cups
(Uranus – Pluto/Mars – Saturn – Pluto/Mars)

Neptune (Compassion) in Sagittarius in House 11 (Aquarius – Friendships) Rx :
Hanged Man – Temperance – Star
11°50′ A Flag Turns Into An Eagle; The Eagle Into A Chanticleer Saluting The Dawn
Decan: Emperor (Aries) – 9 of Wands
(Neptune – Jupiter – Uranus – Mars)

Pluto (Power) in Libra in House 9 (Sagittarius – Journeys/Philosophy) :
Judgement – Justice – Temperance
9°0′ Having Passed Through Narrow Rapids, A Canoe Reaches Calm Waters
Decan: Justice (Libra) – 2 of Swords
(Pluto – Venus – Jupiter – Venus)

Notably MIA from my chart : Aries/Emperor & Pisces/Moon


I’m including the Nodes of the Moon, because they represent “points of personal karmic imbalance,” something I think tarot can be useful in investigating.

True/North Node in Scorpio in House 10 (Capricorn – Status) Rx :
Death – Devil
10°31′ A Drowning Man is Being Rescued
Decan: Moon (Pisces) – 6 of Cups

” The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma, and to grow spiritually. “

South Node in Taurus at the end of House 4 (Cancer – Home & Family) :
Hierophant – Strength
10°31′ A Woman Watering Flowers In Her Garden
Decan: Hermit (Virgo) – 6 of Pentacles

” The South Node represents those experiences and qualities that come naturally to us, that are over-developed, and that we tend to fall back on. The South Node can be a point of undoing unless we develop the North Node experiences and qualities… Fear is associated with South Node issues.”


” The houses of the horoscope represent different spheres of life, described in terms of physical surroundings as well as personal life experiences. In delineation the placement of a planet or zodiac sign in a house will determine to a large degree the area of life in which it acts, and the goals and activities on which its drive or impulse will be focused.”

1st House (Aries – Self) in Capricorn – Ascendant/Rising Sign :
Emperor – Devil
(This house is empty.)
29°02′ A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs
Decan: Hermit (Virgo) – 4 of Pentacles

“…the ascendant signifies a person’s awakening consciousness, in the same way that the Sun’s appearance on the eastern horizon signifies the dawn of a new day… serves as the filter through which everything in a horoscope- including the Sun and Moon- is expressed. “

4th House (Cancer – Home & Family) in Aries – Imum Coeli :

Chariot – Emperor
(This house has 1 planet – Jupiter -, interpreted in the next house.)
18°08′ The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery
Decan: Strength (Leo) – 3 of Wands

” The Imum Coeli is said to refer to our roots and also to the least conscious part of ourselves. It symbolizes foundations, beginnings in life… circumstances that we will encounter at the end of our lives… Hellenistic astrologers considered the IC to be the home of the underworld. “

7th House (Libra – Partnerships/Relationships) in Cancer – Descendent :
Justice – Chariot
(This house has 1 planet.)
29°02′ A Daughter of The American Revolution
Decan: Moon (Pisces) – 4 of Cups

“… the sign of people you are the most attracted by, you easily get along well with and you are most likely to start a love relationship with, if backed up by other zodiacal aspects. “

10th House (Capricorn – Status/Career) in Libra – Medium Coeli :
Devil – Justice
(This house has 2 planets.)
18°08′ A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding
Decan: The Star (Aquarius) – 3 of Swords

” It traditionally indicates career, status, aim in life, aspirations, public reputation, and our life goal… can indicate very personal or spiritual goals as well… The individual will identify with and admire the qualities of the astrological sign on the MC. “

Other House positions (Placidus)

2nd House (Taurus – Value/Weath) in Aquarius : Hierophant – Star
(This house is empty.)
21°00′ A Rug Is Placed On The Floor Of A Nursery To Allow Children To Play In Comfort And Warmth
Decan: Justice (Libra) – 7 of Swords

3rd House (Gemini – Communications/Mind) in Pisces : Lovers – Moon
(This house is empty.)
16°50′ An Easter Parade
Decan: Chariot (Cancer) – 9 of Cups

5th House (Leo – Pleasure/Love Given) in Taurus : Strength – Hierophant
(This house has 1 planet – Mercury -, interpreted in the next house. Jupiter – at 22° in House 4 – is interpreted instead.)
23°29′ An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging From His Belt
Decan: Devil (Capricorn) 7 of Pentacles

6th House (Virgo – Health & Duty) in Gemini : Hermit – Lovers
(This house has 2/3 planets. Mercury in Gemini at 26° is interpreted in House 6.)
28°11′ The First Mockingbird Of Spring
Decan: The Star (Aquarius) – 10 of Swords

8th House (Scorpio – Death/Renewal) in Leo : Death – Strength
(This house has 2 planets.)
21°00′ A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission
Decan: Emperor (Aries) – 7 of Wands

9th House (Sagittarius – Journeys/Philosophy) in Virgo : Temperance – Hermit
(This house has 1 planet.)
16°50′ A Volcanic Eruption
Decan: Decil (Capricorn) 9 of Pentacles

11th House (Aquarius – FriendshipsLove Received) in Scorpio : Star – Death
(This house has 1 planet.)
23°29′ After Having Heard An Inspired Individual Deliver His “Sermon On The Mount,” Crowds Are Returning Home
Decan: Chariot (Cancer) – 7 of Cups

12th House (Pisces – Self-Undoing/Mysticism) in Sagittarius : Moon – Temperance
(This house is empty.)
28°11′ A Fat Boy Mowing The Lawn Of His House On An Elegant Suburban Street
Decan: Strength (Leo) – 10 of Wands

Holy crap – that’s a lot of Virgo! No wonder I’m such a detail-fixated pain in the ass (though NOT when it comes to cleaning) ;) And such a Hermit. Lots of Scorpio/Death and Leo/Strength as well. There is sooo much room for playing with interpretations here; I think it could make for fascinating – if brain-melting – reading material. Imagine if I mapped the cards on an actual representation of my natal chart??

This post made possible by the gross misuse of information from the following websites:

Cafe Astrology
Mystic Medusa
Molly’s Astrology
Auntie Moon’s Decans

4 thoughts on “When Houses Collide

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Holy conjunct-sextile-trine, Batman!

    Ok, you lost me. I think my brain melted down long about the second paragraph. I have probably the same level of knowledge of astrology that you have, it’s way too math-y for me. However, that said, I own both the Oracle of the Radiant Sun, and the Moon Oracle by Caroline Smith and John Astrop. I love the art in them, but both are heavily centered on astrology and so haven’t worked with them. At all. But I plan to. Reading through the Moon Oracle book, it seems like astrology-lite with special spreads designed around the zodiac and all that mansion and house stuff. I plan to take it for a spin soon.

    The Spiral Tarot is another one I’ve got that I never connected with. Good Death card, though.


    • submerina says:

      Exactly! That’s why I resorted to pictures, to see if it would make more sense this way. It does… a little, and I *like* Maths! I’ve got the Elemental Tarot, a sister to the Moon Oracle (and Runic) – I, too, looooove the art. The Maat is a *really* astrological deck. I get intimidated just looking at the cards, but they are probably a good learning tool. (Now that I think of it, I have a quite a few astrological decks: Symbolon, Spiral, Elemental, Thoth, Via. Huh.)


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