Treasure Hunting with the Ace of Pentacles

This is a fun tarot exercise/game that I read about on the Llewellyn Tarot Blog. Barbara Moore designed it around Arthur Waite’s statement that the Ace of Pentacles is “the most favorable of all cards.” I’m always pleased to find short, low-intensity exercises like this that nonetheless present an opportunity for learning and looking at the cards from a different angle, as well as providing insight into areas that I might not think of myself.

The technique is as follows:

Shuffle your deck and then flip the cards face up one by one until you get to the Ace of Pentacles. Examine the card that came just before the Ace. That card indicates what must happen before the opportunity will present itself. This card serves a twofold purpose. First, it gives you something to accomplish in order to draw the opportunity into your life.

There simply was no question as to which deck to use for this spread – the Shadowscapes Tarot is a treasure in and of its own and the Ace of Pentacles is guarded by one of my favourite creatures. So…


What must happen before the opportunity will present itself?Page of Wands

It says a lot that this just happens to be a Court card, pointing to it not being an outside event to watch for, but rather a personal transformation that must be accomplished. Of course. At least I got the *good* Page! A sentence from the American Tarot Association’s description of the Pg/W as a catalyst for change is spot-on for this exercise:

“The Page of Wands represents the brief [my bolding] creative spark that comes to you, suddenly and unexpectedly, and that starts you down the road of a new creative vision.”

The whole point of treasure hunting is to be ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself, because “the opportunities granted by the Aces, in general, usually have a small window”. I like this line from the companion book – written by Barbara Moore, appropriately – too:

“She tells you to do and not sit there with only mute desire.”

When I look at this Page, I really see a Muse. I need to listen for her song and answer swiftly. I need to grab the tiger by the tail! (And I can tell the moon is full because I am completely unable to form cohesive thoughts and articulate sentences; at least blogging allows me to re-examine this once the fog has lifted. Despite the haze, I did have a flash of insight into the Hanged Man vs Chariot situation: it’s about knowing. I want to know everything, especially the unknowable. It’s what drives me. But some things are simply not mine to know and the Princess of Swords has to accept that.)

Though the next step isn’t an official part of the exercise, I went one step further – Pandora that I am – and turned over the next card…

What treasure might I find within my grasp if I prepare for this opportunity successfully?8 of Wands

Oooh, another Wands! The companion book says:

“The Eight of Wands is the beginning of a long journey towards a goal. A great undertaking is at hand, and it speeds towards reward with hope and momentum.”

The Page, then, clearly represents an opportunity to accomplish something. I’m feeling very inspired this week, so perhaps it is a reminder not to ignore this energy and desire now that it’s here; use it, or lose it. I love the way the two characters stand back-to-back and the “dandelions” heading skywards could represent music being released to work its magic in the world.

The description of this card also includes the concept of wishes (being blown by and carried on the wind) which, in combination with the Page of Wands, reminds me of the wishing spread. While examining the Pg/W I thought the attitude contained therein is similar to that of the Fool: just JUMP! Though the Fool is more naive than the Page, there is a similar disregard for the concept of fear as a barrier to moving forward and the wishing spread was aaaaall about letting go and doing; being.


4 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting with the Ace of Pentacles

  1. Helen says:

    I saw this on Barbara’s blog and meant to do it myself, now seeing your completed reading I make mental note to do this and post up on my blog – loved your reading!


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