Divine Creation by Patricia Ariel

If I was a vampire I would feast on beauty and the work of Patricia Ariel would be part of my staple diet. I actually got emotional when I was looking through her gallery.

Patricia is a Brazilian artist living in the USA. She creates in mixed media, working primarily with a combination of pencil, watercolour, pastels and acrylics. Her style is a wonderful modern combination of Art Nouveau and Symbolism with a strong mystic bent. It is lush and hypnotic, often reminding me of Klimt, but not as stylised. It’s the faces… those faces… Even unfinished, her pieces have a power to them that brings me to my knees – metaphorically and physically.

Look at these pieces from the “Materia” series – wouldn’t they make the most stunning Aces??

Materia series (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) by Patricia Ariel – view in full glory at Patricia’s blog (linked below)

When something moves me as much as this, I find it hard to find any words that aren’t just a string of expletives. The sheer force of it both ruins and inspires me, leaving me feeling small and blessed and unworthy. For wont of anything more to say, click the links for more captured divinity:

Patricia’s Website & Portfolio
Blog – “in progress” posts show the pieces before they are finished, often what I feel are the most beautiful, intense versions
Flickr Gallery – all the goodness all in one place

4 thoughts on “Divine Creation by Patricia Ariel

  1. erishilton says:

    Her work is AMAZING! :)

    I printed out a copy of the one with Persephone for my fall altar a while back. I was a bit sad to take it down. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a piece capture the energy of the story quite so well.

    I seriously need to buy a few prints of these. If she ever did a tarot deck…



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