1000 Blank White Cards

Uhhhhh, what?

I’ve been trying to remember the name of this game for months. All I remembered is that I had originally seen it on the Shanmonster Page and that it was a free-for-all game of pure, whimsical chaos (which naturally makes me giddy with delight), but not the name or anything else that would help me search for it.

While (finally) cleaning my room this weekend, I dug up a Ziploc bag with cards in it and there it was: 1000 Blank White Cards! HOORAY! To round out the synchronicity of it – Goddess knows we’ve got to get some synchronicity in there – Shanmonster re-posted a link to the game yesterday :D

I’m not one for games. The family and friends are always trying to rope me in to play, but it isn’t part of my cultural background. I just don’t get it. I don’t know the rules, I can’t keep up and trying to play along turns into nothing but an exercise in futility and frustration (and tears on more than one occasion; they are bloodthirsty). When I introduced them to 1000 BWC I expected nothing short of jubilant tears, BUT DO YOU THINK I COULD GET ANYONE TO PLAY wITH ME???

Perhaps someone out here in internet land will appreciate 1000 Blank White Cards for the sheer random joy – and joy of randomness – it promises. Since first learning about the game several years ago, it has developed more of an internet presence; a Google search will give you lots of ideas of just how crazy and inventive the cards can get, but the Morgan’s Tarot would probably make an excellent starting deck too.

It’s Erisian fun for the whole family! ;)


5 thoughts on “1000 Blank White Cards

  1. erishilton says:

    Hail Eris Kallisti Discord! HELLSFUCKYEAH!!! You knew I’d loooooooove this, right?

    I would so totally play… Why wouldn’t you want to? It’s creative and silly, and I bet you could have a lot of fun with it. You wouldn’t even need to be able to draw well to make them funny or good (I’m sure that’s part of why people could get intimidated).

    Fuck Scrabble! Blank white cards FTW!


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