Flat-Bottomed Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Titania and Magdalene

Some interest was expressed in my methods of creating a flat-bottomed tarot bag, so I have created a how-to for anyone wanting to sew one (or more!) of their own. I hope the instructions are clear enough; let me know if you have any questions. I apologise for being unable to turn it into a PDF or some other form of easily downloadable and printable format. If Adobe would just stop being jerks about it…

Click the link below to jump to the good stuff –

Flat-Bottomed Drawstring Bag Tutorial

– or continue reading for my personal feelings on the sharing of information. WARNING! Opinions and arseholes ahead.

Copyleft is a system that frees information

What I’m about to opine has already been said far more eloquently by these people –

Leo Babauta
Nina Paley

– but it bears repeating:

Copyright is bullshit.

Maybe it meant something once upon a time, but the internet has changed that.

The people who are going to take it for free are going to take it anyway. One way or another, they’ll find a way. They were never going to pay for it and they will never pay for it. Fortunately, they’re also predominantly lazy, so fears of them profiting from his stolen product are largely groundless. Unfortunately, methods of reproducing are becoming more freely and easily available, leading to situations like Adam McLean’s (read June 16, 17, 21 & 24) where all of us suffer the loss for a handful of unscrupulous, scrofulous bastards.

The people who are going to pay for it will pay for it, even if it is freely available. And if they don’t pay for the initial product, they’ll pay for something down the line because they respect and value the work and the person who produced it. In return for your trust, they will become your loyal supporters.

It’s a hard line to walk – as an artist – between freely sharing and loss of income as a result. Not that this tutorial is art, but it got me thinking. I honestly believe in share, share, SHARE! but then, I’ve never had someone reproduce my work and profit from it. I would never do something like that, so it’s hard for me to convince myself to be all 4 of Pents when I’m naturally Hierophanty.

When I finally complete my tarot deck (yes, she’s still threatening us with that one) I hope to release it under Copyleft and let the cards fall as the may (har-de-har). There’s something so liberating in the thought of releasing something and then… letting it go… completely. And not regretting it after-the-fact.

I guess we’ll see how that one works out. For now, if you enjoy the tutorial, please feel free to share it with whomever you feel would benefit similarly. Reproduction is fine, attribution is nice. All I ask is that you share your creations! Curiosity, uber alles.


6 thoughts on “Flat-Bottomed Drawstring Bag Tutorial

  1. submerina says:

    Huh. That’s very weird… thanks for the heads up! I’ve changed the name up and it seems to be working properly now. I think the only person missing something was me! :D


    • submerina says:

      My pleasure! It wasn’t as Sisyphean as I expected ;) And I will absolutely take you up on the offer of a PDF – thank you! I tried to do it using Illustrator and it turned it into a 93-page monstrosity of repeating pages and it’s about that time that I stood up. And calmly. Walked away.


      • Digital Dame says:

        Holy crap, that’s like a Sears catalogue! Yeah, just e-mail me the file. I have Adobe Acrobat Professional at my office so I’ll have to do it at work. I can hardly wait to go buy some fabrics and start playing! :)


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