TaRat – The Hits Keep on Coming!

2 Inch Tarat by Nakisha Elsje Vanderhoeven

2-inch TaRat by Nakisha Elsje Vanderhoeven, 2010 (click to view)

From the same artist who painted the delightful Rabbit Tarot, comes a new creation of pure whimsy and face-melting cuteness: the TaRat!

Nakisha Elsje Vanderhoeven has painted a full deck’s worth of watercolours depicting white rats acting out the tarot scenes we’re all so familiar with, with their own little Rattus spin on things.

This is the kind of deck that the word “delightful” was created in anticipation of eg. the Strength card shows a rat grooming a tabby cat whose eyes are closed in kitty bliss ::dies::

The artist’s ability to capture the very essence of “rat” gestures in such a simple way (and only 2.5″ x 3.5″ worth of art space) is remarkable. It isn’t Potteresque, nor is it cartoonish (like the hilarious Ferret Tarot) – there is just the right balance of anthropomorphism to make the cards relatable and adorable all at the same time. It will be especially appealing to animal-lovers and if you happen to be a fan of rats, then pump that up to “irresistible”!

Talent – particularly independent talent – like this needs to be supported. You can purchase the TaRat in one of 3 formats from Nakisha’s etsy store – extra-mini 1″ ($6, with guidebook $20), mini 2″ ($14) or both for $19.

Yes, mine will be on its way shortly *oops*


6 thoughts on “TaRat – The Hits Keep on Coming!

  1. erishilton says:

    I saw this on etsy the other day, and let out a squee! I don’t even like rats, but the gestures and expressions for this deck are so subtle and a bit sweet in the best kind of way. It’s on my list, for sure. Not sure why, but I like it even more than the rabbit tarot.


    • submerina says:

      Yes! I like the Rabbit Tarot, but it doesn’t grip me the way this one does. The TaRat – I simply *must* have! Rats > Rabbits, do the Math ;)


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Adam McLean mentioned this on TCF, right as I was starting the book “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman (which, if you’re not familair, features rats rather prominently, but in a good way). All of a sudden I felt like I had rats coming at me from every direction! :) These are so cute, but I have overshot my Tarot budget, gonna have to wait.


    • submerina says:

      “Neverwhere” is one of his best (closely followed by “American Gods”)! I read it on a long car ride about… 15? years ago. I really need to read it again. Luckily it’s not an immense expenditure, so I’m sure the budget will accommodate it soon enough ;)


  3. Helen says:

    You have to stop showing me these decks- do you hear me! This is soooo cute, sooo gotta have. No I don’t need another deck (staring in the mirror now and giving myself a talking to), no definitely don’t need another deck… but it’s sooo cute… stop it!


    • submerina says:

      I figure pain shared is pain halved :D Let me know if you have any success with that mirror technique; I’ve yet to find a way to talk to myself sternly with any effect!


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