Wildwood Tarot Teaser

wildwood tarot seer

2 The Seer – Wildwood Tarot. By John Matthews & Mark Ryan, with art by Will Worthington; 2011 release.

Oh dear, another deck I’m going to have to add to my collection. Gosh, darn & shucks. At least there’s some time before I’ll be caving to my desire for the Wildwood Tarot, as it’s only scheduled for mid-2011 release at this time.

This deck is actually a completely re-conceived version of the Greenwood Tarot, with new art by Will Worthington, who is the illustrator of the The Druidcraft Tarot. As much as I like the DruidCraft from what I’ve seen of it when used by other tarot bloggers, there’s something missing; that something that bumps it up from “nice to have if there’s nothing else better going on” to “GOTTA!GOTTA!GOTTA!MUST!MUST!” It’s not quite relatable for me, however much I am into the Druidry side of things.

But the Wildwood had me at, “Dia dhuit,” and now I’m its bitch, to make a short story shorter. The deck concept seems to be a more modern, accessible (as loathe as I am to use that word, but it is a necessary evil) version of Celtic tradition; a little more “Robin Hood” than its previous incarnation. Which is fine by me; I generally prefer predictable-but-fun action over foreign-language drama.

 For many people today, woodlands are the last vestiges of an ancient world in which we had our beginnings. Such places are full of archetypal beings, from the more familiar Robin Hood to the shadowy Green Man. To walk in the wildwood is to take a journey back to the time where deep ancestral wisdom still resides, and where our partnership with these characters and creatures is as natural as breathing.

Based on the seasonal rhythms and festivals of the ancient year, THE WILDWOOD TAROT draws its inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology, placing mystical archetypes into a nature-based system rich in shamanic wisdom and forest lore. The forces of the deck act as both guides and interpreters, taking us on a spiritual, mystical and psychological journey deep into the labyrinth of primal Earth rites.

You can view a couple more cards from the Wildwood Tarot at Aeclectic Tarot and Mark Ryan’s myspace, as well as read descriptions of the imagery therein. There’s also a more in-depth press release on the deck’s creation. Let the count-down commence!

ETA: Because I’m such a tarot n00b, I didn’t realise that liking this deck is a punishable offence :| Luckily, as a tarot n00b I also don’t have to worry about keeping up appearances.

7 thoughts on “Wildwood Tarot Teaser

    • submerina says:

      It seems like a very divisive work at the moment, but I’m sure once it’s released that there’ll be more fans than critics. I like some of the Greenwood cards, but the overall feel of the deck just doesn’t gel with me.


  1. Bummble says:

    Yup, wondering if you got yours yet, like the commenter before me?

    It’s such a great deck!

    I like it much, much more than the Druidcraft; it feels a lot livelier, less stilted.


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