Take It or Leave It Birthday Spread

I had big plans for my birthday: I was going to sit on the dock, in the dark, bobbing gently on the water and do some serious connecting and reading and be all mystical ‘n’ stuff.


The water isn’t up to the dock yet; not even close. It stays light ’til 11:00 and the wilderness knocks me out by 9:30. And the weather was CRAP. AND there was a bear there the week before AND AND AND there was a pack of coyotes roaming around – at a safe distance, but they were STALKING us on one of our walks!! So no alone-time on the dock in the dark in the water pour moi.

Instead, I drank a little wine and then I drank a little more and then I had a nap in the warm seclusion of the camper-bus. When I arose from my bleary slumber, it was a now-or-never moment and I threw down the cards, hoping I could connect and get a decent reading regardless of less-than-ideal circumstances.

Ba-BAM! Connected, definitely. How can I be so sure? The Quint. Guess what it was. No, seriously, guess.

Okay, all together now 1, 2, 3: WHEEL – OF – FORTUUUUUNE!! I can only shake my head.

As for the spread, I drew 3 cards for each realm of the tarot – spiritual (Majors), creative, emotional, intellectual and physical – the centre card for where I’m at, one for what I should leave behind and one for what I should embrace in the future.

I also did a 13-card year-to-come spread – using the moon phases as markers – with the plan being to focus on the cards drawn at each new moon and seeing how I can implement it by the full moon. No prizes for guessing what the Quint was for that particular spread :| You just can’t make this shit up.

Using my go-to guide of the mo’, the World Spirit Tarot.

Vanna, please reveal the cards!


[1] Spiritual : 5 of Swords – Ace of Swords – The Sun

Look at that Ace – smacks of Wheel. Then again, maybe I’m so fixated that I’m starting to see it everywhere ;) But seeing as it’s “where I’m at” *and* it has the whole light-dark thing going on that the WoF from this deck has, I’m going with “Wheel” and that’s that! Maybe this is an explanation? There is *definitely* a Vesica Piscis in there – of that I am (LWB backs me up). Hellooo, threshold.

Together with the 5 of Swords as what I should chuck, this makes a very interesting combination and I’m not at all surprised to see the Swords hacking their way into Spirit’s domain (as usual). I am at a point of Truth, new beginnings and discoveries and the only way to make use of this point of potential is to leave Defeat behind. Stop fighting; stop trying to rationalise what can’t be put into a tidy little box. Doesn’t Mr Shadow in the background look awfully pleased, holding his ACE? Now all I can think of is, “Time to nut up, or shut up” :D

Ba-BAM! It’s baby Hank (Rollins, as Ms Eris refers to him) Besides the face creep-factor, this is a “wow” card to get in this position. So much sun, compared to the cold, icy, isolated landscapes of the Swords. If I can stop licking my wounds and successfully journey across the threshold, a whole new world of warmth and joy can be mine.


[2] Creative: Sibyl of Pentacles – 3 of Wands – 6 of Cups

Even though the structure in this card looks enough like a high jump to fill me with awful memories of primary school sports days, it’s another “weee!” card. He just looks so darn happy with what he’s built, it’s hard not to get caught up in the delight (oops! LWB says it’s a “she”).This card it titled “Ambition” and it is fitting that it is Wands for the subject of creativity, building another gateway. I like this very much:

“The Three of Wands speaks of ambition and future vision. Its message is, you are doing the right thing.”

Still, remember that it is only a beginning and there is work to be done if you want to take it further. Ditch the Queenly attitude; she likes to sit on her butt far too much and is overly fond of luxuriating and dreaming in the sunshine, that one. How to shake her out of her stupor? Do more of the same. Wait, what? But then, the Queen is alone and there are two figures in the 6 and the one appears to be leading the other. If I am to be inspired to actually *do* something with my inspiration, perhaps I need to share it, or work with someone. I do very much need a reason to accomplish anything…


[3] Emotional: Sage of Swords – Seeker of Cups – Seeker of Swords

Another suit match with the area in question: the Seeker (Knight) of Cups. The two Seekers complement each other: night and day, water and desert, receptacle and stabby thing. The most notable difference is the head-in-the-clouds tendencies of the Cups versus the fearlessness of the Swords. The dreamer and the idealist.

What can they accomplish together? The sensitivity of the Cups (raining in from the left of the Swords) can soften the sometimes (apparently) cruel and heartless manner of the Swords and the Swords can cut through the emotional bullshit of the Cups to get to the true heart of the matter. I have to think that clarity, truth and directness are the message of the Swords. Also, the Swords speaks up. With a hint of Cups to soften the words, this could be a winning team.

Gotta come down off that mountaintop first, know-it-all. And would it kill you to crack a smile, Deep Thought? So composed, but there’s a storm raging under that stern exterior. Release the pressure, before you explode. Brains are for thinking, mouths are for speaking, at least until we crack the telepathy thing.


[4] Intellectual: 7 of Pentacles – Seeker of Pentacles – 5 of Pentacles

Another Seeker, huh? An accurate depiction of my current state of mind: not much time for my inner world, just trying to get the outer world done. It’s like a little holiday, to be honest. Even though I enjoy time alone, it can get lonely when the only company I have for most of the day is my own thoughts. They’re not always nice or nice to me. I think this Seeker is searching through the muck to find the gold worth harvesting.

Interesting that the 7 shows a similar scene, but based in a fantasy world. The time for Assessment is over, bring in the harvest and embrace Hardship? There’s always got to be one card that makes me scratch my head! Intellectually… kicking out thoughts that don’t contribute positively? Hmm, that could work. Still, this is a bit of a confusing triad and seeing as I’m so very, very Earthy right now, I not brain gud.

And ALL Pentacles. Clearly, there are men at work!


[5] Physical: Temperance – 4 of Swords – 9 of Wands

Enough with the peaceful harmony and restful retreat – get up and fight! Wow, go easy there, cards. This does seem very much like a call to action; Wands don’t sit around and wait for something to happen – they DO. Although the 9 is usually a defensive card, this one doesn’t feel like it. I get more of a sense of adventure from this one and the figure looks quite cunning and capable of handling whatever’s coming up. I also notice that the scene appears to be set at night, however, there is plenty of light. Good things, I think. Good things.

Ugh. I need to stop doing these big, intense spreads. By the time I get to the end, I’m just fried. But will I learn? No. Will I stop? No. Am I likely to just keep going and going until I’m using all 78 cards? Well…


2 thoughts on “Take It or Leave It Birthday Spread

  1. erishilton says:

    I’ve figured out a mathematical equation that will explain why you’re gettin’ so much Wheel lovin…

    The Wheel of FORTUNE + You= 6 of WIN.

    So… I’m thinking you’d better start planning a trip to Vegas so you can give the wheel a nice sassy little spin.

    Intense spreads… I struggle with those too, mainly because of the energy drain they can bring on. They’re necessary sometimes. I tend to do better if I leave them and come back to them over the course of a day. It helps. :)


    • submerina says:

      I’m not familiar with the New Math, so I’m just going to trust you on that one ;) Now, if I got the WoF, the Hiero and 6 of Win in a 3-card draw… I’d be in Vegas by sundown! And I’d totally call you to join me huzzah!


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