Threshold Spread

A couple of weeks ago I came across a post on Arwen’s blog that addresses the concept of the threshold, pertaining particularly to life changes. Oh, the Wheel. Arwen describes the threshold as:

“…not just that part of the door you step over. It’s a huge piece of the hero’s journey. That is the point of no return. Once he or she has crossed that threshold, the only way is forward. What is behind will never be the same. It’s a magnificently terrifying moment in a really good story… It’s a big deal and nothing will be the same again.”

It’s a doorway, a decision, a way forward. Or back. An ending, as much as it is a beginning. The Death card personified, in this regard. As I am standing on a threshold – or three – of my own, this idea couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I’ve expanded the 1-card draw into a 3-card spread, as below.

Threshold Spread

Threshold Spread with World Spirit Tarot. By Lauren O’Leary and Jessica; Llewellyn 2001, 2006.

[1] What lies behind me

0 The Fool

The leap has already been made; the threshold crossed. Now I’m falling, stuck in the “between” – the liminal space before I hit the ground or catch an updraft or whatever else is to happen on the way. My whole life feels like this though. Drifting…

[2] What lies before me
10 Wheel of Fortune

Enough already! :D Right before this spread, I used Nisaba’s method of time-telling and was dealt the WoF from the 1JJ as the time-frame for something life-changing that we are considering (and that I had in mind when I dealt this spread). Time. Cycles, seasons. As relates to timing, a Major indicates that there is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed before the event in question can take place.

We have to turn the Wheel, goat-boy and I; we have to take control to make it happen. The mountain ranges, river and deer are visual cues – this is a pretty accurate representation of the environmental features in the area we want to move to. The harvest (bundle of wheat) though… it makes me think it’s not this year.

There will be blood (sweat and tears) in this future. But what of the 8 “Cups” at the centre of the Wheel? It seems odd that 3 of them are dark and 5 are light. And the black hole sun?

I need a good, long, solid sit down with the Wheel to hash things out. I clearly do. not. get it.

[3] The Threshold
11 Justice

These cards aren’t fucking around: all Majors.

Justice seems paused. Paused at the threshold. She is the perfect symbol for this position of being balanced between; before. There are options to be weighed and choices to be made, blindly (like the figures on the Wheel), based on trust and instinct. Does she need more information before making a decision? A light shines from above, illuminating the components of the decision-making process. The shape and positioning of the light, combined with the flaming book makes me think of the High Priestess. Again, intuition; the guidance of inner wisdom.

But for now, wait.

[4] QuintThe Universe

The World dancer is one who has escaped the Wheel and is in harmony with the Universe. Complete freedom at the final threshold. The card also signifies a cycle reaching completion, coming ’round to The Fool again. The end is the beginning – everything is now. The similarity of this to the Wheel is striking, but I think I need to focus on the differences.

This is one of those readings where I can sense what’s going on, I just can’t articulate it properly. The meanings will slowly filter through my brain in their own time.

What I can say is that I am severely impressed with the World Spirit so far. We’re going to be spending a lot of quality time together!


11 thoughts on “Threshold Spread

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Oh wow, I saw that WoF card a little differently. I thought that was a crescent moon on the right side? And I would never have noticed the cup shapes between the spokes on the Wheel if you hadn’t said that! Maybe all these WoF cards you’ve been getting are a big notice from the Cosmos to brace yourself, you have major changes coming, an opportunity you need to be preparing for. Should be good, though, the WoF (in my experience) indicates a change for the better.


    • submerina says:

      It *is* a crescent moon – you’re not crazy ;) – but in this situation, all I could think was “black hole sun, black hole sun, black hole sun”! Undoubtedly a change is coming; the tricky thing is that there’s always so much of this-or-that. Will the change happen by itself, or do I need to implement it when the opportunity comes? Is it external or internal? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? So I hang on and spin.


  2. Arwen says:

    I truly love the World Spirit Tarot. :) It was my go-to deck until I got the Gaian Tarot. Now I pick up the GT faster.

    Great expansion on this idea of the threshold! Loved this post.


    • submerina says:

      I wasn’t very keen on the Gaian when it first started showing up, but the more images I’ve seen, the more I like it. I think it’s one of those decks that triples in appeal when you see someone work with it; that’s what happened with me and the World Spirit!


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