Itssssss Mah Birthday!

Yes it is. And no one else is going to make a fuss about it, so it’s up to me *pfffththththttt* Also, I can tell you that what Mystic Medusa says about Moon in Virgo and birthday gifts is 100% accurate: when it comes to birthdays – well, my birthday – I’m a list-maker and I’m not afraid to tell you what I want. The irl crew don’t seem to get this.

Fortunately I am blessed with some fabulous tarot friends who somehow know me better than my irl folks and – to my mind – therefore care about me more than my irl folks.

A big 4 of Wands to you – Hooray for WIN!


Winged Spirit Tarot

Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton; US Games, 1998.

This was a huge surprise from Batsu-chan. I still can’t believe she sent me her dancer deck! We share a love of dance – though she is actually active in this field – and the bodies in the Winged Spirit Tarot, with their pointed toes, poised hands and taut muscles are definitely dancers. The Winged Spirit is also home to one of my favourite Moon cards (and the oddest Temperance). Here, it is depicted as Lilith, who is completely out of place with the rest of the deck; probably one of the reasons it’s a stand-out for me. I’ve unofficially renamed this the Package O’Junk Deck, for obvious reasons :D

The Minors are executed in a common colour scheme that holds them together: yellow, red & orange for Wands, lavender and cornflower blue for Cups, plum, grape & grey for Swords and greens for Spheres. The Pips scenes seem to tell a story, with dramatic poses much like a ballet. The Majors are joined by a common pale grey background colour and depict different angelic beings. I haven’t had time to work with this deck yet, so I can’t speak for how it reads but I finally know what people are talking about when they reference US Games deck lamination outlasting the apocalypse! Woooo. These are built to last.


Shadowscapes Tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore. Llewellyn, 2010.

I received the Shadowscapes Tarot as an extra “thank you” from the lovely lady I made the custom tarot bags for. She felt that the decks I received in our trade were not a fair swap, given the work I put into the bags and decided that an extra copy of the Shadowscapes sent my way would set things right. Oh my, did it ever! The Shadowscapes was next-in-line on my list and I was going to buy it as soon as Stephanie opened up ordering for the special edition decks again. Though the set I received doesn’t come with the extras, it is even more special for being a heartfelt gift from one of the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know, thanks to tarot.

Though I’ve been waiting for this deck for nearly a decade, I was starting to feel a little reticent about getting it. The reviews I’ve seen all say great things about the art and the book that accompanies it etc. but most said that the cards are small and don’t do the art justice, as well as the card stock having the “usual” Llewellyn flimsiness. Well, boo :( Let me assure you, these tales are bullshit. The art is vibrant, the details are clear, the silvery purple borders are an inspired choice (PAY ATTENTION, publishers) and there is nothing wrong with the card stock. Not to mention the stunning backs and fantastic companion book. It’s going to be a joy to work with this one, as soon as I can!

I might be an insufferable brat, but I’m an insufferable brat with a great tarot collection.  Drinks are on me tonight (and all weekend) – cheers!


16 thoughts on “Itssssss Mah Birthday!

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it’s starting off to be a banner day/year for you. I’ve been eyeing the Winged Spirit deck, must add that to my collection.

    I have to say, I do wish the Shadowscapes card were a bit bigger. But, I think the complaints about the size are due to everyone who was waiting for this deck and watching the progress got so used to seeing the images on screen, filling their monitors that when the cards arrived and were not monitor-sized, they felt odd! At least that’s what happened to me. They are lovely, and I am so with you on that luscious border! Barbara Moore does a nice job with the books (she also did the one for the Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night, which I love). I’m debating about the special edition, ’cause I want that Happy Squirrel card ;) but since I already have a copy it’s seems kind of pricey. I do want to order prints of a couple of the cards, I really love her Magician.

    Anyway, I hope you have an utterly fabulous birthday!


    • Kiki says:

      Happy, happy birthday dear!! I hope it’s spectacular!

      I do maintain that my review of the Shadowscapes is *not* bullshit. ;) The details ARE too small (at least for me) to see, but maybe you have supersonic eyes that are just right for the cards! :) Though I have no problem with the card stock or borders.

      Have a kick ass birthday! You deserve it darlin’! ♥


      • submerina says:

        Omigosh ha ha! I didn’t realised you were one of the nay-sayers ::blush:: Me and my big mouth… We’ll agree to disagree; it keeps things interesting ;) I think I’ve probably just spent so many years staring at them on screen that I’ve memorised the details!


    • submerina says:

      It’s one of those decks I was just never getting around to gathering into my personal orbit, even though it was one of the original wish-list numbers. Sometimes, someone else just has to push you there – that’s what friends are for!

      You make a good point about the screen versions vs the card versions. However, I’ve found that the brilliance of the card colours compared to the screen versions is really spectacular (to me). I own a bunch of prints and books of Stephanie’s already and now her 2nd watercolour book is available… special edition – watercolour book… special edition – watercolour book… so hard! But I can vouch for the prints, so treat yourself :)


  2. Celeste says:

    Have a wonderful birthday, m’dear. I like your proactive birthday nature. I have been doing that more and more each year. It’s not egotistical, it’s just practical. Rock out with your sock out. Sorry–I’m brain dead and can’t muster anything interesting to say, but I wish you well! :)


    • submerina says:

      Oooh, I like that: “proactive”. That’s what I’m using as my defense next time someone says something about my bad attitude! And there were socks (and rocks, ha!); plenty of socks! The weather was ridiculously cold for the BEGINNING OF JULY. But a good time was had, regardless.


  3. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Happy Birthday, Submerina! Many, many more! Yes, that Winged Spirit Temperance is very strange — looks like someone splashing cold water on themselves and saying “Man, I gotta sober up QUICK!”


    • submerina says:

      HA HA! It didn’t get that bad, but there was some splashing in glacial water that was “refreshingly brisk”, to put it mildly. Now every time I see this card I’m going to think of it as the teetotal card :D


    • submerina says:

      It was the most PG-friendly of the name choices ;) The poses are so inspiring – makes me want to grab those pencils!


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