Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #5

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot. Re-designed and coloured by Vicki Brewer; US Games 2010.

So my trainee makes another appearance (she wasn’t at work yesterday). This time she is unaccompanied, because she spent most of the day processing transactions by herself, with me standing in the background mainly for support. She is progressing by leaps and bounds and we’re all very excited to have an extra set of capable, enthusiastic hands!

The bad news I was worried about yesterday did indeed come, but happened too late in the day for me to know what kind of impact it will have. I am concerned that the Scepters have dropped from three to 2 today; there might be a change in our numbers, even though I will fight it. Perhaps only a temporary change? They also remind me very much of hypodermics, reflecting the underlying health issues effecting the situation.

The way the Scepters are crossed, makes me think of conflict. This is a definite possibility. Ugh. I see the signs for Aries and Leo in the top right corner of the card. The person I suspect will cause the conflict gives me a serious “low” Aries vibe and I am the lion when it comes to protecting my charges. The Reaper card in this deck is also associated with Aries (as opposed to Scorpio) – the “Aries” will get their way and institute the change? Death doesn’t make temporary changes; Death cleans house and starts fresh.

Aaaand the waiting game continues.


2 thoughts on “Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #5

  1. Digital Dame says:

    So you’ve got Youth of Swords (air), two of Scepters (fire) and Death (which in this deck is attributed to fire — disclaimer: the copy I have came with no instructions or LWB of any kind). That’s a lot of Fire, and a little bit of air to feed it. Lots of heat, emotions must be running high.


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