Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #4

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot. Re-designed and coloured by Vicki Brewer; US Games 2010.

The Queen of Coins makes her second appearance of the week. What I notice immediately is the theme of balance repeated in the 2 other cards – 4 and 6 – as even numbers. It was a very even, balanced day with plenty of laughter to make work seem more like play. It also brought some much-needed levity for my co-worker who experienced (by proxy) a very traumatic event yesterday.

And as I admire my flashy nails in the light (new polish… again. Like tiny pieces of foil or fish scales that flash different colours in the light.) I think of the 4 polishes I *wanted* to buy, but settled on one because the price was a little ridiculous. Weighing my WANT against the fact that I probably have enough nail polish already (but they keep making new fun colours and sparkles!) The makeup girls joke that they’re going to ban me from the department for my own good :D

But enough about my colour-collecting compulsion. The keywords for these three cards make an interesting combination: I BalanceResourcefulnessRepression (in the areas of family and a social event). I don’t fully understand this in relation to my day. I just hope it doesn’t have anything to do with tomorrow, which could get ugly based on news I’m waiting for and would then influence a family and social event (my birthday getaway with the in-laws). I would do a clarifying draw, but that’s not part of the “rules” of the daily draw, so I’ll just have to wait and see!


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