Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #3

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot. Re-designed and coloured by Vicki Brewer; US Games 2010.


Oh wait! Ha ha! I had a trainee today, so there I sit – on my throne of management ;) – and the trainee (Youth of Swords) pays supplication to my superior experience ::snort:: The Trey of Scepters makes me think of the very powerful reading I managed to squeeze into my morning; a 3-carder, not surprisingly!

And that’s it, really. I guess some days are really just that simple.


2 thoughts on “Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #3

  1. Helen says:

    Hey I do love these cards, they tell it like it is! I like that the card at the end was a three – is that equivalent to wands? if so it shows how the master and the student come to together and marks the first stage of completion. Out of the two a third is created and its called co-operation. LOL


    • submerina says:

      I’m finding it amazing how I’m getting readings that are accurate to my day, based on more RWS meanings, as opposed to this deck’s particular system. I wonder if this would change if I got the companion book and was able to interpret the cards in their own environment?

      You’re right on about the 3 (Wands) = co-operation! Depending on whether she turns out to be a replacement or addition to our team, it could also indicate the nuber of people working in my department :)


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