Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #2

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot. Re-designed and coloured by Vicki Brewer; US Games 2010.

Seeing the 9 of Swords, I was immediately reminded of my nightmare-filled sleep last night. Interestingly, I also got the 9 of Swords when I asked the World Spirit about the week ahead (along with the 6 of WIN). Going by the LWB, the 9 of Swords shows a quarrel resulting in enmity. I had to put my bitch-face on on Saturday regarding a matter relating to yesterday and, though I haven’t seen the person in question yet, I am sure we are no longer on the same terms we were on Friday. The joys of management :|

Temperance (The Alchemist) was a very necessary asset today. By 9:30 I was already exhausted from dealing with irate customers yelling at me for things far beyond my control. It’s tough when the day has only just begun, to wonder how you’re going to make it through to the end. The LWB phrases it very well:

… to conserve thy forces, not to recoil at thy works, but in order to wear out obstacles, as water, falling drop by drop, wears away the hardest stone.

This is exactly what I had to do – just put my head down, stay calm, take it slow and gently, and proceed with stubborn grace (like Taurus, the ruler of this card!) Also, despite the crappy customers, there are also the fantastic ones, one of whom paid for my tea today. A little bit of gold, a little bit of silver and a little bit of poop makes the day go by.

(I wonder which god this card depicts, if it is an actual Egyptian god and not just a fanciful creation. The winged feet make me think of the Greek Hermes (who is linked with alchemy), but he would equate to Thoth, the Ibis-headed god. The green skin is usually Osiris, but he isn’t wearing Osiris’ crown and the wings are completely confusing. Maybe this is the point? The character shown here is a blending of these personalities and their strengths and the same is necessary for successful alchemy.)

The Hanged Man (The Martyr) is a bit of a joke from the cards, I think! “Oh, yes, how you suffer. You poor thing.” The LWB pretty much rams that point home with “… but expect any ingratitude from men.” Yep, I’ve been told :D What I think is remarkable here is that the HM’s hands are bound and money is falling from them, a nice little allegory for what my job requires of me. If I want the money, I have to give up control and sacrifice what I’d rather be doing. The result is surprisingly life-changing.

Now what will tomorrow bring?


9 thoughts on “Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #2

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    “If I want the money, I have to give up control and sacrifice what I’d rather be doing. The result is surprisingly life-changing.” Yeah, it took me years after entering the workforce to accept that. Secretly, my acceptance is still begrudging! But one must eat and live. *sigh* C’mon, Lotto Max — I need one of those $50 million jackpots, LOL!


    • submerina says:

      You and me both! I promise to share generously when the blessed day comes – we can have a big rolling-around-in-our-piles-of-filthy-lucre party :D

      I wish They wouldn’t raise Us with lies about you-can-be-anything-you-want, do-what-you-love etc. etc. It would make the acceptance of significantly-less-than-I-want a lot less difficult!! ::pout::


  2. Helen says:

    What an interesting set of cards! did you notice how your Temperance is walking towards your HM? – as if to say that it realises the only way to achieve the balance is to make the sacrifice… and it also walks away from the 9 swords..

    That nine of swords cards reminds me of a christmas tree.

    Such an interesting little deck.


    • submerina says:

      I completely missed Temperance trotting over to the HM! It’s very true: the solution to mental torture is a certain degree of submission; the whole “courage to change what I can and accept what I can’t” thing.

      And it is an interesting deck. I’m looking forward to giving it a proper review when the week is done.


  3. Digital Dame says:

    You have my every respect, anyone who works in Customer Service should get hazardous duty pay and paid mental health counseling. The closest I’ve done is reception desk, and that was nearly enough to drive me to homicide.

    I have one of the original versions of this deck (the gray-ish ink, no color) which I treasure, but I like the coloring in this version as well.


    • submerina says:

      I started with reception and worked my way progressively down the ladder of sanity; think I’m really close to the bottom rung where I am now :D I have this notion in my head that I’m meant to help people in some way and it keeps landing me in these situations!

      I have some thoughts about the reworking of this deck that I’ll be sharing at the end of the week, especially regarding the artwork. Is the original version really as “patchy” as it seems, or is that just bad scanning?


      • Digital Dame says:

        The ink is kind of light gray, so I can see how it wouldn’t scan well. I can bring it to work with me tomorrow and scan in a few cards if you want? My scanner at home is defunct. I don’t think any of the cards are ‘patchy’ though.

        And as for reception work, I will never do phones again. I’d get a job at Jiffy Lube before I’d answer phones for a living again.


  4. Digital Dame says:

    I did actually remember to bring the deck with me today. E-mail me and let me know which cards you’d like to see, and I’ll scan them in at a relatively high resolution so you can see them better.


    • submerina says:

      Oh, thank you! Any cards would be fine, although I am partial to the HP, Death and the Star :) I’m sure it’s the grey colour that makes them difficult to scan and results in the “patchiness”.


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