Daily Draw with the Brotherhood of Light #1

I’ve had the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot for several weeks now and have been wondering how to best get to know it. The system it’s based on is quite different and, while I could use it as a regular deck, I’d rather understand it for who it is. US Games has the companion book available and there are several texts by C.C. Zain available from the Church of Light’s website, but I’ve decided that the best place to start is probably by finding my own meanings. What better way to do this than through daily draws?

For the next week, I’ll be drawing three cards in the morning and resisting looking at them ’til later in the evening and interpreting them with the wondrous gift of hindsight and maybe some help from the LWB  :)

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot. Re-designed and coloured by Vicki Brewer; US Games 2010.

Ha! The 10 of Cups is a very accurate summation of last night’s visit with friends that stretched ’til 2am this morning. There was much fruit-of-the-vine involved. It was also a cause for celebration, as a huge issue I’ve been having at work was solved yesterday.

When I saw the 5 of Coins, I was struck by a feeling of luxury. In the RWS this card shows beggars out in the cold, but here I see only plenty. As my only day off, I was determined to make today all about indulgence. Breakfast was a spinach, tomato, avocado and bacon pizza; lunch a half-pint of Cherry Garcia and for supper I made a huge strawberry salad and ate it ALL. Now I’m spooning Caramal Hat Trick and custard into my face, because that’s how I roll (across the floor…) I lay on the couch reading for several hours and spent some quality time fondling and photographing my newest decks (they are so beautiful ::sigh::). And other stuff ;)

The Queen of Coins is usually the Lady of the Home; in this deck she is Libra, the Lady of Balance. My day was a combination of the two: in addition to the indulgences, I also did 3 loads of laundry, planned meals for the week and painted my nails (rainbow colours!) Even the Queen is holding her hands out so that the wet polish doesn’t smudge! On the home front, I spoke with my parents and The Man and I discussed our reignited plans for the Forever House.

It turns out I really didn’t need the LWB for the purposes of this reading. Based on these cards, my day should have been centred around emotion and invention, but other than “invent” new ways to consume calories… well. It’s going to be really hard to resist peeking at the cards tomorrow morning, but I don’t want to influence myself. Who knew daily draws could be this much fun!


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