Now I Lay Them Down to Sleep…

A housing development for decks! Yes, I love hot pink. And lime green.

This is where my decks live: In shiny, hot pink madness!

It started with the pink box I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. In went the Truth-Seeker’s, quickly followed by my first batch of trading forum indulgence.

Then I was given the black and pink cosmetic case for Christmas last year (as if my makeup collection could fit in there HA HA HAAAA!! Eye shadow alone fills it up…), housing purely LS decks. It came with the pink-lined black sachet and a smaller matching bag that is sadly too small for any deck (unless I succumb to a mini WHICH I WILL NOT!) The black sachet holds the Grail, because it reminds me of female anatomy *GRIN*

Next came the Hello Kitty™ makeup kit. GLITTER!!! The Man brought that one home for me from one of his road-trips. I have a *small* Hello Kitty™ problem. How small? This small (3 years ago).

And a few weeks ago I “won” the wee pink fold-out travel case. I say “won” because I spent a goodly sum on (yet more) makeup (30% employee discount sounds good on paper…) which afforded me the opportunity to pop a balloon and win a prize. Ta-da! It has 2 larger zip side compartments and a skinny one in the middle where Shiva, gems, Hathor and Anubis hang out. The zippers are just too small for regular decks to pass through, so both ‘Taras reside in this case.

Despite all this, I still have several decks that are “homeless” (ie. they live in a drawer). Aww, poor decks. I almost added a black & teal case from the post-Mother’s Day leftovers, but now it just seems wrong to diverge from the hot pink trend! Future deck abodes will appear in their own sweet time, no doubt. ‘Til then, any excuse to keep cruising the SALE racks ;)


14 thoughts on “Now I Lay Them Down to Sleep…

  1. Zorian says:

    I absolutely love your hot pink boxes. They’re fabulous! Especially the Hello Kitty one! (And your entire Hello Kitty collection is to die for! Simply Divine Darling!)

    I’m boring though. I keep decks in their original boxes :D.
    However, looking at your hot pink ones. I think I might go out shopping this weekend :D



    • submerina says:

      Z! Welcome back!!

      I like a little colour in my life, if you couldn’t tell between the pink boxes and the lime wall and the psychedelic bookshelf! My decks are all still in their original boxes too, now they’re just double-boxed for their protection ;) And if I can be responsible for some shopping madness, then my work here is done. You should have access to some beautiful, bright options where you are. I’m jealous!


      • Zorian says:

        Thanks E, It feels good to be back after my loooong sabatical from the blogosphere.

        I am absolutely in love with your psychadelic bookshelf. And I think the universe wants me to get cracking on one, because last night, I discovered my old bookcase was getting wee too old to support my books n decks. Now I’m all the more inspired to ‘honor’ my cards a la you :D


    • submerina says:

      Trust me, compared to a certain other blogger here who will remain nameless until they choose to identify themselves, I am a rank Hello Kitty amateur! LOL When I finally get the Cat People, I will buy it its own special HK box. It seems like a bit of a diva and I don’t want it giving the others ideas ;)


      • Zorian says:

        LOL… I think Batman and Edward Scissorhands go well with Hello Kitty. It’s a nice mix of contrast. I’m still debating on what ‘theme’ to use for my new book case. I wish Jem Dolls were still sold.


  2. erishilton says:

    Squee!!! ‘Specially the HK… DOUBLE SQUEE! And sparkles! SQUEE!

    Your collection is MUCH better accessorized than mine is! I haz major jelz, woman…

    Although, I have a Hello Kitty bathroom, so I suppose we’re even. ;)


    • submerina says:

      It’s because I have to hide my sort-off secret shame ha ha! Yours are all out in the open, members of the family in their basket. When they start to spill out my room, we’ll need to have a talk about where they all came from. But that’s still a ways away. For now. ;)


      • erishilton says:

        Oh… You’ll get there. ;)

        The Tarot Basket By The Couch is like a hippie commune. I found a Seven of Swords to a deck I didn’t even remember buying in there awhile back. They’re just hanging out, naggin’ the champa. As long as I keep my Thoths out of there, they’re happy.

        I’ve got to get the Thoths their own Thoth Box. They don’t play nice with the other decks.


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