Knock, Knock – Anybody Home?

Psyche and Cerberus by Edmund Dulac

Psyche and Cerberus by Edmund Dulac. This is what it feels like.

Lynda Hill, author of the Sabian Symbols website, posted an in-depth examination of this past week’s full moon symbol (Sagittarius 7: Cupid Knocking At The Door Of A Human Heart). It caught my eye for a few reasons:

[1] Love is a theme that is core to the Empress and the Empress is one of my lessons for the year.

[2] In combination with the Sun in the opposite symbol (Gemini 7: An Old-Fashioned Well With The Purest And Coldest Of Waters), I see a commonality to attaining my Reiki 3rd degree this weekend.

[3] The movements of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune all have symbols that speak directly of transformation (Aquarius 29: A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis) and journeys to find yourself, something the Death card has been not-so-much HINTING at quite loudly.

[4] Finally, Venus is still hanging around In Cancer (Cancer 10: A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting Process) – as it was when I was born (Cancer 15: In A Sumptuous Dining Hall Guests Relax After Partaking Of A Huge Banquet) – also speaking of things transforming and emerging into bigger & better. According to Mystic, it your tight conjunctions that are the most important aspect in your natal chart. Guess what? The only conjunct I have is Sun and Venus in Cancer, which is supposedly very lovey-lovey.

For myself, I think my lesson has more to deal with self-love than love for others, though the more I contemplate the concept of “love”, the less clear it becomes. Do I guard myself too much to *truly* feel love, or do I merely trick myself into believing this? I am such a Hermit crab, it’s hard to know! I just can’t shake the feeling that something is missing, or disconnected. The experts say it starts from within though, so I guess it all leads back to Self.

To the Spread-mobile!

Cupid Knocking At The Door Of A Human Heart Spread

Morgan's Tarot by

Morgan’s Tarot by Morgan Robbins and Darshan Chorpash; U.S. Games, 2009

[1] What barriers and locks have I set up that prevent me from letting love in?
Try to Relax

Aha! Searching for the end of the rainbow, a magical place with a pot of gold that can never be found. The barriers I have set up are my own ideals or “false idols”. Love is where you find it; it cannot be pinned down; it isn’t what you think it is. “Trying” takes effort – just relax.

[2] Why is the lock stuck and the door jammed?
The Whirling Golden Wheel

Is the Wheel of Fortune my new King of Pents?? I’m trying to control something that cannot be controlled; understand something that cannot be understood. I blame those darn analytical Swords! What’s amusing is that the LWB description of this card reiterates the message to relax:

” Awareness of the whirling golden wheel allows the rider to relax in spite of the inevitable friction.”

[3] Where can I find the key to open the door to love?
Don’t worry, you can Do No Wrong

Another “relax”! What’s happening in this card is that a man is getting a radical haircut; he has his eyes closed, trusting in the hairdresser to do what needs to be done. As well, there are birds flying upside down, quite successfully! I get 2 things from this: “trust” and “be yourself”, even if that means flying upside down. Trust that people will love you for who you are. Despite my confidence, I still put on a mask. I’m still wary of letting my true self show in many situations.

[4] What new possibilities might come to light if I open the door?
There is nothing you can do

I cannot control love and I cannot control how people react to me. It is what it is. What I see is the person trying to separate the halves of the yin-yang – control. It’s not all black and white. AND!! It’s not about separating myself; I need to integrate. Aaaah, memories of Temperance. The LWB says that “The ego can prevent the grace of the cosmos from directing your life.” It is my trying so hard that is preventing me from attaining what I seek.

[5] Once the door is open, how can I invite love in?
The war has reached a critical point Between Atlantis & Mu

The LWB starts by stating: “If the world can be thought of as a yin-yang symbol…”, so as confusing a suggestion as this is, it does follow on from the previous card. My suggestion? Stop the war. Stop analyzing, stop “trying”, stop dividing things up into black and white. Any interactions might be comfortable and pleasant at times and distressing at others, including love. Just because it isn’t what I think it should be – 24/7 wonderful – I mustn’t shut it out. Temperance is a chemical reaction and sometimes it gets a little ‘splody!

[6] What well can I go to to replenish my love?

“A nonjudgmental judgment on the energy of the events presently occurring,” advises the LWB. Observe, experience, be there. DON’T got back to the old habits of “separate & analyze” and don’t make a big deal out of nothing. Don’t let a tiny, insignificant thing scare me off and chase me back into my shell.

The story of Psyche’s encounter with Cerberus, as orchestrated by Aphrodite and Eros. Love will test the Soul. Incidentally, I have Psyche – asteroid 16 – in… Cancer. Specifically, Cancer 24: A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas. Sounds romantic. Double-incidentally, I also have Cerberus (asteroid 1865) in Cancer 3: A Cat Arguing With A Mouse. Romantic and dangerously comedic!

ETA: This marvelous Rumi poem from The Violet House Muse:

I have lived on the lip of insanity,

wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door.

It opens.

I’ve been knocking from the inside!


5 thoughts on “Knock, Knock – Anybody Home?

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    In some groups, the currency of one-upmanship is possessions and status symbols. In other groups, it’s education and quick wit. And in spiritual groups, it’s stuff like visions, close encounters, psychic ability, etc. People are often full of B.S., whatever the group. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but YOU!


  2. Helen says:

    As always an interesting and insightful read! I think you hit the nail on the head with your third card; Where can I find the key to open the door to love?
    Don’t worry, you can Do No Wrong

    when you say ” “trust” and “be yourself, even if that means flying upside down.”

    But more than trusting that other will love and accept you, you have to trust who you are and love that person, then you open yourself up to the love of others.

    Something I have and still do struggled with through my life too.


    • submerina says:

      I think it’s one of those Life Lessons that take an entire lifetime (or more!) to learn. Every time I think I’ve got another piece figured out, I find out just how far I’ve still got to go.

      Then again, maybe it just means I need a shave ;D


  3. Digital Dame says:

    I’m with Debra up there. I’ll admit I know precisely zip about Reiki, but I do know people, and anytime you get folks in a group like this, everyone wants to be ‘the most special’, the most psychic, etc. Any kind of ‘new age’ practice draws more than its fair share of semi-unbalanced individuals, so for as dedicated and sincere as you are, there are likely others in the group who are just as strongly charlatans and posers. Ok, I’ll say it: liars. There, I said it.


  4. submerina says:

    You guys :D

    I’m lucky that the group I’ve been with seem – from the little I know them – to be on-the-level and unaffected as yet. We’re all pretty “ordinary” people; I’m actually the chattiest, most obviously mental one of the lot ha ha! But I ABSOLUTELY know what you mean and have experienced that as well. It’s what made me loathe to pursue the course, for fear I would be surrounded by “those” people.

    From here on out though, I’m sure I’ll be meeting plenty… oy…


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