Reiki III / Master Attunement

Sitting, waiting for class to begin on Friday night, I decided to do a quick 3-card draw, mainly to start learning how tarot functions as a predictive tool. It’s not how I aim to use it, primarily, but it’s part of the package so I should familiarise myself with that aspect as well. Aaand, I thought it would be an interesting little experiment. Luckily, Tarot Nusantara had come along for the ride!


Tarot Nusantara

Tarot Nusantara by Hisyam A. Fachri, 2010

King of Wands – Temperance – Page of Swords

First off: how fantastic are those cards? There’s something about this combination that just filled me with comfort and ease when I turned them over. An “Aaaaaaah…” moment. Maybe it’s just the sight of Temperance with her bright, pink wings, dancing in the middle. There is no place for anxiety or doubt or hesitation when Temperance dances.

King of Wands and Page of Swords flanking. Ruler and Child. Not forgetting that the Page is also the Princess, so, my most common significator. There is a very free, childlike air to the Page, especially in comparison to the King, but it isn’t a *bad* thing. It’s an… openness. A good match for the bright, inspiring spirituality of the Wands. “Don’t forget that play is necessary, even when business is serious.” I am drawn to the birds flocking and the Page’s green mantle, as well as the Page’s stance, which is much like a dance pose as well.

There seems to be some reticence in the King’s pose – facing away from the other two cards – but to me it looks more like he’s guarding the way or watching for something. The lion on his throne looks like it is clawing at him; no, pawing at him, the way cats will when they’re trying to get your attention or play with you. I also notice that the colours of the King and the Page are very similar: peachy oranges and deep reds. Two sides of the same coin?

Well, yes: fire and air, passion vs. reservation, inspiration vs. analysis, being engaged vs. staying reserved. There’s also a certain courage to the Page, which matches well with the King’s necessary personal fortitude. And back to Temperance. OMG! Temperance! I’ve been getting Death, Death, Death for nearly 2 weeks and who comes after Death? Was this past week from the bowels of hell a purge? I feared a backslide of epic proportions, but could it have been a last hoorah as I wave goodbye to old patterns?

Ooooh. Something else I’m noticing in Temperance is the water-earth balance; one foot on each, fire and air on either side. There is a very strong theme of integration and balance in this spread and what heartens me is that there is no force necessary and no antagonism that I can see. There’s also a contrast between the apparently harsh, dry landscapes in the King and Page and the lush greenery in Temperance. Just follow the path up the mountain towards the light…


ETA: Our teacher gifted me one of her Shiva lingam pendulums! I had a brief moment of feeling like I had manipulated her into it, but I know she isn’t the kind of person who could be manipulated like that. So I will enjoy this gift in the spirit it was given to me and step bravely into… whatever comes next.

6 thoughts on “Reiki III / Master Attunement

  1. Helen says:

    I loved those cards as a predictive outcome to your lesson the King sits there ready to be creative, open himself up to new possibility and Temperance is slap bang in the middle balancing the physical with the spiritual so that they blend and dance in harmony with each other and this results in the Page and a new beginning, a fresh approach to how you now think about it all. As you say the King looks away, but like you, I feel he looks towards the possibility and is ready to receive it, Temperance and the Page look straight out at you, it’s like saying hey pay attention you’ve made it!

    You beginning to sell me on this deck :)


  2. erishilton says:

    Temperance is such a lovely bridge to these two aspects…

    I’m glad *something* happened… It’s very frustrating when it doesn’t or if it takes a while. I may have a lot of crazy on that front, but I didn’t always. I’m happy for you. It sounds like a warm, happy, soothing, comforting experience, like a piece of blue-lace agate.

    And… be sure to swing your lingam from time to time. You wouldn’t want it to get rusty. ;)


    • submerina says:

      I’m sure there’s a medication for rusty lingam. Actually, seeing as it’s part iron ore, it’s naturally rusty ha ha! And that’s probably all that needs to be said about *that* :D

      GAH! Me too. Your lace agate description is really, really good! I went to refresh my memory and yes! Doesn’t hurt that it’s from my homeland, either :) I used to own several lovely pieces. You should hear some of the stories though; they could give you a run for your money! Past lives, Ascended Masters checking in, Akashic Records – the works. Which is why I feel left out. But the lingam loves me tee hee hee…


  3. syl says:

    Hi Submerina,

    Maybe I’m trespassing here but I’d like to offer you my interpretation of those cards you picked. They’re quite good. If this combination had appeared in my reading, I would have told you that first if you had the Death card appearing, it is announcing big and positive changes. Something is dying in your life but this is not bad at all. New things are coming! And this could be related to the 3-card spread you got here. I see the first card as you with a clear mind about doing things. You’ve got strength and stamina to get things done, and whats more you’ve got the abilities to do them! Keep that attitude since it will lead you to great things. The temperance card is everything you said but I’d also I’d add that you may need some patience, this is related to the page of swords, which indicates the beginning of something, a new state of mind I’d say, originated by this Reiki attunement. Even though great changes and experiences will come your way soon, keep in mind that you’re young and have to learn a lot yet and this will require the adaptation and patience that Temperance indicates but dont forget you are not alone, since Temperance also indicates that the spirit guides are with you. Anyway, hope my minireading helps you in some way or another and I hope you dont mind I gave it here… Congratulations on the attunements…


    • submerina says:

      Oh no, not trespassing at all! Thank you for sharing your interpretation of these cards. I’m especially in need of being reminded that patience is a factor in learning. I got much too used to everything coming easy to me, so I don’t always know how to handle things that actually *gasp* take time to master! I like the thought too of the Page representing a “youth” – it shows the cycle that keeps coming around everytime you experience something new (never mind that the Wheel of Fortune has been a constant companion to Death).


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