Tarot Bag Giveaway Winners!

And the weeners are…

(This is not the picture I wanted to use. Click -more- if you dare…)

Kiki, who will be receiving Titania and
Batsu-chan, who will be receiving Magdalena!

Lovely ladies, please contact me via email – up there on the right… you see it?… no, a little lower down, just under the search bar – with your mailing address details and your loot will be winging it’s way to you early next week.

Thank you to everyone who entered; there will be more giveaways in future!

The part of Price-Waterhouse was played by my husband who, once he had the magic paper slip in his manly fist, struggled to get it out of the bags again. It was like something out of a National Geographic program ;)



10 thoughts on “Tarot Bag Giveaway Winners!

  1. Kiki says:

    Woo hooo!!! I’m so excited! The faeries must have had a hand in it, cause I never win anything! (And as a vegetarian, I must say I’d never thought I’d be so happy to see my named attached to a giant hot dog!) LOL

    Thanks so much submerina, I’ll email you with my mailing addy! And thank your dear hubs too… glad he was able to remove his, uh, fist from the bag… ;)

    Will you be selling bags in the future? If so, let me know the link, and I’ll do a post about it over on my blog. ♥



    • submerina says:

      The fairies will have their way and you definitely have a way with them, so it was bound to happen :D No wieners were harmed in the making of this blog post!

      Thank you for your support! For now, I’m sticking to creating for my own pleasure, without the pressure of trying to sell. But who knows where it will lead? It’s ultimately what I *want* to do with my life…


    • submerina says:

      I’m jus’ keepin’ it real ;)

      It has absolutely nothing to do with my puerile sense of humour whatsoever, at all.


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