World Tarot Day Celebrations! Pt 3

PanGalactic Gargle Blasters, the Heart of Gold, petunias, exploding whales, Vogon poetry, Babelfish, 42. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is practically a religion (unwittingly created by a “radical atheist”) with a jargon all of its own. Sadly, Douglas Adams – the genius mind behind the Guide and several other books I hold very dear – went unexpectedly into the void in 2001. I remember clearly the horrified, disbelieving phone calls my friends and I exchanged when we heard the news…

On May 25th, 2 weeks after Adams’ passing, a group of fans decided to mark the day in honour of DNA and thus was Towel Day thought into existence.

Nisaba of AT forum fame ;) says that

“This spread is to be carried out on the 25th May and laid out on a Towel that you choose to carry around for the whole day in honour and memory of Douglas Adams, may-he-rest-in-pieces, creator of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which a little lost earthling, Arthur Dent, is tossed around the galaxy accompanied with only two certainties: his large tin container of olive oil and his Towel. Everybody should always know where their towel is.”

The towel reference is probably lost on anyone unfamiliar with the series (and doesn’t hang out with geeks), but to those who worship in the Temple of Adams, it all makes complete, wacky sense. At 42 cards huge, this is a      S  P  R  E  A  D    and only fans of Adams would be out-of-their-minds enough to attempt it. Luckily, I am such a one and I have the perfect deck for the task: Morgan’s Tarot! A card instructing “Don’t Panic” would be right at home in the Morgan’s :D

The question I chose to ask was: “How can I incorporate more towel and less PANIC into my life? Be more Ford and less Arthur?”

(You really need to read the full description of the spread to truly appreciate the thought Nisaba put into creating it; I’ve used summary sentences below. Click the images to enlarge.)


[1] The Big Bang Burger Bar: overview of the situation

First off, the appearance of “Drink Gold” delights me, as it has strong reference to the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster :D  These cards never fail to amaze me at how clear a story they can tell, hitting you upside the head like, well, a PGGB: Keep at it, but remember that Life happens when you are busy making other plans; don’t let the ups and downs deter you though, for if you don’t do it, it won’t happen. Be aware and present, always; do a self-check often and focus on the golden moments. Being productive can help others and yourself. Life is equal parts absurd and amazing and you are part of it; One. Get in touch with this and realise that there is no place for negativity; you feelings are valid.

[2] Slartibartfast’s Favourite Fijords: what has been reliable, but may one day start to crumble

Bureaucracy and order are human constructs and mean nothing in the grander scheme of things. You can hold onto this or choose to let it go to experience more. Let your intuition guide you; George – a faceless man without identity – will take care of the mundanities of Life while you experience its wonders. Hands help; they give and they receive. Ask for help, dammit! These changes are the first steps to achieving peace and joy. Everything happens as it should, despite your best efforts to cock everything up; relinquish Ego and realise that any direction you choose is the right one. Meditation on the Meaning of Life is worthwhile, but don’t expect an answer. Maybe questioning is the true purpose.

[3] Deep Thought: whatever needs your deep and profound thought

Hee! “Think About It” :D  “Self-forgetfulness” – what a great rewording of “no Self”… (And the description for this card mentions dolphins, another “Guide” reference.) Don’t look back; trust in a benevolent – if comic – cosmos. Do we need to repeat that? Live NOW. Yesterday’s truth is of no use to you NOW. Let it go. Let the whole idea of an “absolute truth” go. Form is arbitrary and can be pushed and pulled and manipulated to be whatever you want. Only you limit yourself and your experience through judgement and expectation. There is more happening than you can comprehend at this time; things happening behind the scenes. Relax; you will understand. One day. Soon. Ish.

[4] Marvin the Paranoid Android: issue about which you feel powerless, despite any evident positivity

This series of cards is killer. They perfectly describe the mental anguish I go through on a daily basis. The confusion and uncertainty and all because of doubt. My faith that “protects” me and keeps me in the dark. As the other cards in this spread very clearly instruct: go into the light. Let yesterday go.

[5] The Improbability Drive: that which is most incredible and improbable in the situation and will therefore come to pass

And here it all gets appropriately nonsensical and less-than-obvious. I see a reference to Marvin in the row above; a continuation. Clearly, merely recognising the problem is not enough; there is still work to do. But keep up the good work! You’re not perfect and that’s okay; you’re perfect for right now. And then it turns on you: forget it, you failed, you failure. A dog eat dog food world indeed! Obsessing about past failure will just keep you anchored to where you are. STOP. (KG’s Bob Newhart makes an appearance!) It’s all a dream… What do I get from this? Choice. It’s up to me to choose my improbability and make it happen.

[6] The Dolphins: what to enjoy and what to run like hell from

Laugh. Laugh with the Universe. It’s all a giant cosmic joke after all. Give as much as you can; there is an unending supply of everything to draw from (Reiki!) Act with love and practice compassion to tap into this supply of bliss; the interconnectedness of all. The blank card prompts you to create your own reality, but never forget that it is all nothing (a dream, as above). Manifest and unmanifest; evolution and involution. Self-forgetfulness and interconnectedness vs. feelings of alienation and separation. Don’t let he bastards get you down and don’t be the bastard! Follow the path through your heart to peace

And if that’s not an abundantly clear answer, I don’t know what is. My love for the Guide is strong and my love for the Morgan’s equally so! There’s not much more I can add other than the words of one of my oldest friends:

Be Most Excellently Hoopy Froody In All That You Say Or Do.

Images from the Morgan’s Tarot copyright US Games Systems, Inc. 1970, 1983, 2010. Reproduced with permission; further reproduction prohibited.


3 thoughts on “World Tarot Day Celebrations! Pt 3

    • submerina says:

      Although I refuse to acknowledge “Mostly Harmless”. I’ve never wanted to throw a book across the room so badly GRRRRRR. We shall not speak of it.


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