World Tarot Day Celebrations! Pt 2

6 of Cups - Tarot Nusantara

6 of Cups – Tarot Nusantara

My Oma has been a huge guiding force in my life. I have taken her name in my identity on this blog to honour her, as well as my place in the feminine triad that I am part of. I am one of only 3 women in my family; each generation is fractured by immigration and I have done the same. Still, we are tight. I miss her immensely and I pray with great regularity that I will have a chance to see her again before her body finally cashes its last cheque.

She is largely the reason why art is such an important part of my life and I am doing a great disservice to her – not to mention myself – by not being more actively creative. Through all my trials, she has been nothing but supportive and encouraging.

She and I are very alike, internally, and have many shared life experiences (as well as a lip-twitch that gives us away when we can’t hold our laughter any longer). Through all of it though – “looking Jewish” and surviving Nazi-occupied Holland, being a navy wife, basically single parent, constant health issues with Lupus and a severe encounter with depression that lasted several years – she always created. She found the time and the energy, even to attend university classes! I honestly don’t know how.

I don’t want to piss away her legacy and the gifts she has given me! So my task for myself on this World Tarot Day and Oma’s 83rd birthday, is to discover what small, manageable steps I can take to reach for the Star and make use of everything she has instilled in me.

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