World Tarot Day Celebrations! Pt 1

Today is World Tarot Day! It is also my Oma’s 83rd birthday – may she celebrate many more in good health and safety – and Towel Day, celebrating the life and work of the inimitable Douglas Adams. That’s a lot of celebrating to pack into one day, but I’m up for the challenge , so let’s get this party started!

First up: World Tarot Day.

This was started by DenElder in order to

“promote the use of the Tarot tool across all human made borders, be they political boundaries, misunderstandings of the mind, or ignorance of the tool itself, for the benefit and growth of the Spiritual Self” and is officially hosted this year by Tarosophy who “believe that Tarot is a a wisdom tool – Tarosophy – to engage life, not escape it.”

WTD (which my brain has been referring to as “What The Deck?!”) is dedicated to:

“every person who has, does, or will recognize recognize Tarot as a valuable self-help tool.”

Though the slogan for WTD – The Light you seek can be found in your own Lantern © – immediately brings to mind The Hermit – Arwen takes it to a deeper level when she asks,

“But what about another card that is about seeking light? More than that, this other card is about sharing that light.”

She is referring to The Star, a favourite card for many tarotists. (The Star as card 17 – a prime – is also relevant to Towel Day!)

For WTD last year, Arwen designed the Shining The Light Spread for tapping into the energy of the Star and mission of World Tarot Day. It was a tough choice deciding which deck to use for this, but I finally decided on the deck that I began this journey with: The Truth-Seeker’s Tarot. In addition, it has a very lovely Star, one that is especially innocent in attitude. It’s a pity that the gilt details don’t scan – just picture all the black areas as lovely gold highlights. Let’s hope I can still read non-scenic pips – I’m out of practice!

[1] What area do I need to shine more light into?

[2] Who or what can I learn from about this area?
The Devil

Eeeeeeeneresting. I’m grouping these two together because the theme of “control” is present in both cards. The control in Strength is exercised gently, from within. The Devil prefers bondage, but again this comes from within. The thing to remember about the chains in the Devil card is that they can be slipped off easily and at any time; we choose to remain chained only through our own ignorance. And despite this being a “negative” card, I’m getting a very positive feeling from it here.

What am I being shown? I need to shine more light on inner strength, patience and compassion. I need to calm the devil inside, the one that talks smack about me and drags me back down into the darkness every time I start to approach the light. I need to learn that ultimately, I am the only one who can control this. It must come from inside. There is something illusive flitting around the perimeter of my thoughts…

I get Strength so often! And one of my Reiki realisations was that there is a “Devil” in my throat, one that steals my voice. prevents me from exercising my will and expressing my creativity as a result. I ROAR inside, but precious little of that ever escapes. Should I be prying the lion’s mouth open, perhaps? Strength is ambiguous about what’s exactly happening; it could go both ways. Huh. Last night I asked Sekhmet for a message and this is her card, especially in my natal chart…

[3] What area can I share more light from?

King of Pentacles

[4] Who or what can I share more with about this area?
4 of Pentacles

Hee! My old friend :D   There’s an awful lot of Earth in this spread (Devil included), which is not my usual. The overwhelming feeling I’m getting from these Pentacles is “gifts”. And they’re stars, which makes me think the deck is being “cute”. The King of Pentacles also shares in the theme of “control”, based on his steady, reliable, responsible personality. And the 4 is stable, balanced and grounded.

Hmm… sharing. The 4 of Pentacles is traditionally the “miser” card (although it isn’t in this deck) and the King has the power to give or take as much from his subjects as he desires. The King of Pentacles is a savvy business man, but I think he recognises the value in spreading the wealth. He can afford to – he has a stable base. Give and take is necessary for movement, so that the 4 doesn’t stagnate.

Seeing as I am no longer in business, I can rule that out as an area to let shine, which leads me back to the King of Pents as a metaphor for my animus. But no, I feel like there’s something I’m missing. What is it? I’m having a very hard time with this spread, as I’m not feeling exactly “stellar” this week! Maybe I need to let it sit and percolate for a while.

[5] What light am I hiding?
Prince of Pentacles

The same energy as the King, but more playful; willing to take risks. At least, that’s the feeling I get from this Prince (Knight) Pentacles. That the (Knight) often indicates assuming responsibility, showing up today is a definite nudge. I fear I have bitten off more than I can chew (or even *want* to chew). I speak about being “allergic” to responsibility so often so why do I insist on taking it on? Because no one else will; because we need the money. And now it’s ruining me, yet again.

But this (Knight) juggles it, even levitates it, while his horse grazes calmly in the background. The Prince has an attitude of “there’s time yet for play; don’t worry, no need to rush” – quite opposite to what he should be doing, in tarot terms. And there’s the answer! False thoughts and beliefs: “responsibility means giving everything else up”, but it doesn’t have to. I’m very, very good at being the traditional Knight of Pentacles. Time to loosen up!

(A-ha! He juggles 3 Pentacles – creativity and imagination.)

And I just happened to see the card at the bottom of the deck, the Shadow: Death. For the third time this week. Definitely some changes afoot and old, dead things being swept out the door! Clean off the dust, shed the old skin and let my Star shine.


7 thoughts on “World Tarot Day Celebrations! Pt 1

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Egads, I seem to have missed the boat. I never heard of World Tarot Day before or even World Towel Day. I was a little worried the second one had started in some frat house and was a mandate to run around snapping everyone you can find with a towel… clearly I’m not plugged in to the right networks. ;)


    • submerina says:

      I’m a little confuse as to what to do with all the Pentyness – manifest? Me?? But… but… but all I ever do is *think* about things! :D


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