All for 1 & 1 for All

The Magician, Wheel of Fortune and The Sun from Tarot Nusantara

The Magician, Wheel of Fortune and The Sun from Tarot Nusantara. Hisyam A. Fachri; GAGAS MEDIA Publishing House, 2010

The Magician.   The Wheel of Fortune.   The Sun.

Kiki drew my attention to something very interesting in my Dark Moon Illumination spread: “… not only is your Quint card the WoF, but you have all the “1″ card possibilities in this reading: The Sun, WoF and Magician.”  Normally I’m right on top of the numerology and patterns in the spreads I do, but this one completely escaped my notice!

I’m not quite comfortable with these cards and I’m definitely not used to seeing 1 and 19 especially. I’ll have brief flashes where they make sense, but then it’s right back to being too “other” for me to grasp. As far as tarot triumvirates go, the High Priestess-Justice-Judgement triple-threat is much more my speed. What is it I’m supposed to learn from this particular combination?

From The Tarot School:

” The Sun reveals the shape and nature of everything, and fills whatever it touches with confidence and energy.

The Wheel experiences and accepts everything, and is excited by whatever happens to it.

The Magician manipulates everything with skill and intention, awakening and enlivening whatever he pays attention to. ”

Esoterically, understanding might still be a little off in the distance, but I think I have stumbled onto the mundane truth of it. With my job being quite dominant in my life right now, I was thinking about my position and how well I work within a system, despite being an incredibly round peg in a square hole.

It’s like this: I can work in a box. In fact, knowing the boundaries, rules etc. actually makes me happy; I like to know my limits (::HIEROPHANT! *cough cough*::). But, within that box I must, must, must be given complete and absolute freedom to do what I want, when I want, how I want. Do not interfere. These are the terms and they cannot be negotiated. If you expect to take on responsibility, then I must be given equal amounts of power and the freedom to exercise it. It’s a teeter-totter and my sanity and general well-being ride on it.

Exercising will… spokes on a wheel… happy functioning.
Action… acceptance… living.
Power… personal vision… assurance.
Focus… freedom… achievement.
… etc. really.

This is where I am and I think I am being told to remember and to pay attention to the balance. I can make it work. Even though it’s gone horribly wrong in the past, it has also gone fantastically right and I need to remember that. Remember who I was before I cracked, because I’m pretty sure, once upon another life, I was very much the Magician. And an older, wiser Magician is a powerful force indeed.


6 thoughts on “All for 1 & 1 for All

  1. erishilton says:

    Everyone needs a little magician in ’em… Interpret that however you see fit! BWAHAHAHHA! ;)

    The Sun / Wheel / Magician… That’s like an inter-stellar knock-out of AWESOME, WIN & WILL. Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law. Win is the law! Awesome under will!

    Or something like that.


    • submerina says:

      I shall, I shall… That Magician, he’s a bad boyfriend.
      You need to tech me how to embrace the WIN! And the WILL, for that matter. I am resistant on a cellular level. All those stupid pointy Swords will have nothing to do with peace and prosperity :(


  2. Helen says:

    When I look at this cards in relation to your new position, the Magician is saying to me that you have everything you need and so you have the power to create what you want it to be. The Magician in your card looks down on the tools on his table, as if trying to decided how he will use them. He says you have the ability here to direct your actions in order to gain the result you want. But this is followed by the WOF – I notice that your Magician is looking away from it, perhaps he doesn’t realise yet that the key to success is to remain at the hub of this wheel, then stability can be gained and you may even be able to have a hand in the direction it goes. Now look at the Sun – the figure looks towards the WOF and it’s almost like they are blowing a kiss to it – the Sun knows that when that when balance is achieved, you yourself will feel more comfortable with whom you are and what you can achieve – there will be no need to prove yourself – you will know your weakness and strengths and more over be able to understand and accept them. The Sun knows that in achieving balance, self awareness follows and with it comes flexibility and adaptability and enjoyment from the whole experience.

    The reading shows you the potential that exists here to close one way and open another – the Magician as a 1 is the potential for what could be. The WOF as a 10 indicates what one is working towards the realization, but also moves on to a 1 again and marks the next step to the next thought or idea and back to the Sun which echos the card before it numerically.

    Okay I’ve babbled on and it probably doesn’t make any sense LOL


    • submerina says:

      Oh heavens no! Thank you for your insight! I _struggle_ with these cards, with the concepts they imbue. Like I said to Eris, I am actually _resistant_ to the potential of this triad, which is ridiculous. I really like what you said about remaining at the hub: if you hang onto the edge of the wheel, the centrifugal force will spin you off, but at the center it’s peaceful and calm. Hmm… I think I need to start with picking up those tools and allowing myself to use them. And I love the “kissy” Sun; it makes it all the more playful!


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