Further Dark Moon Illumination

I was having a good old time with the Tarot of the Old Path on my day off and decided to do a little further inquiry into what she’s a-happening in MeVille. Using only Majors again, because sometimes a girl needs straight-up answers rather than riddles and this deck didn’t come with the LWB (bummer).  I think I would get a lot more out of it if I knew what plants are on each card and the names of the animals chosen. C’est la how the cards fall, but I can still gripe about it.

Dark of the Moon Spread by Terri Paajanen

Dark Moon Spread - Tarot of the Old Path. By Howard Rodway & Sylvia Gainsford, US Games 1990 (click to enlarge)

Dark Moon Spread – Tarot of the Old Path. By Howard Rodway & Sylvia Gainsford, US Games 1990 (click to enlarge)

[1] Releasing: Things you should be letting go of in your life.

XII The Hanged Man (Lone Man)

I don’t see this card so much as an indication of “what” to let go of, so much as the state of letting go. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I need to let go of letting go?? But no, with the Wheel of Fortune as a Shadow card and a constant source of anxiety, the Hanged Man affirms that letting go is a necessary approach to be embraced. Surrender to faith – faith in what/whom/whichever you choose to surrender to.

The thing I notice most about this card is the money falling from the Fool’s purse and how utterly content and comfortable he looks. A little reminder not to worry about the material aspects of life; that things will work out as they must, regardless of my interference.

[2] Retaining: Things you should be holding close to you.
I The Magician

Magic! The wildness. “Go back, go back,” it urges. This is a card of beginnings, of everything that you are born with. Primal, instinctive, power. Not necessarily conscious of, but it’s there, below the surface if you can remember. It’s so natural that it takes no effort to work with this magic, but you have to get to it. It’s buried beneath the detritus of life that clings to you and clogs your pores. Gotta hang yourself and let it all fall away.

Don’t sacrifice the wrong thing. It’s easy to forget what’s more important when it’s so deeply hidden.

[3] Receiving: Things that are coming into your life.
XXI The World

Well, hello! This is what happens if you can climb off the Wheel. She is at once outside of the world and fully integrated with it. It’s being able to step in and out at will. In releasing resistance, you stop being a victim of fortune and instead become… an agent? The word in my head is “dispenser” – it’s the combination of my puerile sense of humour and those starry milky titties.

I know what I’m trying to say! THIS:

Ja? Ja.

[4] Surroundings: How the world around you is affecting you.
XI Justice

Hmmm. Balance? I’m maintaining my Self, remaining level – which is a *real* achievement -? The man reminds me very much of someone I’d expect to see as the Hierophant. He says, “Here, take this, you’ll need it. Remember your balance.” He’s holding an enlarged Tiwaz, the rune of Týr, a Norse warrior god of law and justice. Týr is also associated with self-sacrifice and spiritual discipline (“What is higher than the self is the Self become Higher.”), pointing back to the Hanged Man opposite.

Based on what my life is currently, I think this card refers to what I am learning from the world; from my experiences in it. I have always been separate, to an extent, from the world outside my head and now I am actively seeking to be involved. I feel like I am finally strong enough to stand up to the effects of letting the world touch me and I know that great things can come from this. Only time will tell.

[5] Giving: What you should be giving to others.
X Wheel of Fortune

GAH!! :D Well, if life is a wheel that turns, it’s give-and-take – sooooo, sharing? Just sharing in life, really. Participating. I’ve practically been a hermit for the past 3 years and accepting this new position has changed that overnight. Could it point to something a little more mystical too, as in “wheel/turning” = “chakra”? Sharing energy then. Yes. Even if it aches sometimes.

[6] Beginning: Something new that will begin soon.
XIX The Sun

Huzzah! Look at how the phoenix (and upraised arms of the people) mirrors the crane in Justice! The use of the zodiacal symbols arranged in a circle around the sun – as a giver of life – reminds me of the World card, although the world here is slightly more mundane. This is a very prosperous-seeming repetition of what is coming into my life, whatever it is.

As I wrote that last sentence, my husband arrived home from work and he had a package in his hand. My Tarot Nusantara! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Cue much squeeeeing and rejoicing and stroking and shuffling. I hereby declare this a very Sun-ny day indeed :D

[7] Your lesson: What you should be learning at this point.
XVII The Star

Pretty Star cards really do a lot for a deck and this one is very pretty with all the blue and the white irises (nice little nod to Temperance) and flowing hair. What throws me completely though is the observatory and the sextant – they are so out of place with the theme and time-frame of the deck! They don’t detract, it’s just… odd.

One of the messages of the Star is to be generous, open your heart and share with no reservations, exactly what I got from the WoF in this spread. She also speaks of finding a centre of inner calm and serenity, like the Hanged Man. Her main keyword that attracts me is “inspiration”, my personal Sangreal that I am forever within reach of, yet never quite manage to grasp. Perhaps the Star can teach me how to finally attain the Cup?

“Trust yourself, your inner balance,” she says. “Pour yourself out freely, follow the stars and you will sail on calm waters to fertile shores.” As represented by the rune Dagaz, the Star is the hyper-consciousness; the process of concept becoming realized. And all of this is a state of innocence. NO EXPECTATIONS! Yes yes yes!

And the Quint is…

The Wheel! Of! Fortune!

Some things you just can’t argue with.


5 thoughts on “Further Dark Moon Illumination

  1. Kiki says:

    Interesting how not only is your Quint card the WoF, but you have all the “1” card possibilities in this reading: The Sun, WoF and Magician. Check this out:

    “The Sun, The Wheel and The Magician share a concern with and expression of the importance of time and change. The Sun adds its roundness and constant periodicity to the circularity and endless revolutions of The Wheel. In this, they share the femininity of cycles and dependable repetition. The Sun adds the linear directness and the overwhelming power of its rays to the perfect focus and unbending intent of The Magician. In this, they share the masculinity of limitless energy and unwavering certainty.

    The Sun, Wheel and Magician form the sides of a triangle, the only triumvirate in a universe of pairs. It contains that universe’s only nonlinear interior space, a place of privacy, complexity and reserve.

    Together, they coruscate — unpredictably glistening, flashing, darkening, reflecting and revealing, multiplying the unexpected and expanding the boundaries of the known and normal by a whole dimension. ”

    More here:


    (Thought you might find the info an interesting addition to your lovely reading.) And I found this neat painting titled “Sun, Wheel of Fortune, Magician”:


    ♥ Kiki


    • submerina says:

      Hi, Kiki-Dame! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Usually I am so on top of the numbers, but this completely slipped my notice. It seems like this is something that’s worth delving a little deeper into. I’m not usually very “1” and even less so “19”, but here are all 3 of them together.

      Lisa de St Criox has some lovely pieces, especially the deities portraits. Oh – we share a common birthplace!


    • submerina says:

      You know me: all about the *over* sharing :D
      It is a good spread though. I’ve tried many “moon” spreads and this one has given the best results by far. Usually they’re as misty and vague as the moon itself.


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