Memo From the Goddess

So. Big changes afoot in Casa del Submerina! Firstly, I arrived at work last week Friday and our manager said “See ya! I quit.” Okaaaay. Cue 8 days of 10-hour shifts in a row for me (my bags have bags etc.) Today I accepted the position of manager, though I have noooo training and noooo experience, but what the hey, hey? Though I shall miss being a lady of moderate leisure, it’s probably about time I see if I can cut it in the “real world” again. Now, on with the show.

sekhmetBeing a severely logical, but deeply irrational being is hard work. The ever-ongoing tussle between Swords and Cups is not a disagreeable match, or one fraught with disharmony, but it is certainly dynamic. It’s a constant back-and-forth power/control exchange. Whenever one gets too comfortable behind the wheel, the other starts to get twitchy and has a mini identity crisis meltdown.

And something always comes along to restore the balance. A little tap on the shoulder from this serendipitous, synchronicitous Universe. Something I can’t possibly mistake for being anything other than what it Is:

Asteroid 5381: Sekhmet

Huh. Wonder where she falls in my chart… Oh, of course. She’s in Leo. The lion goddess in Leo – how fitting.
Know what else I have in Leo? Mars. Within 1 degree of Sekhmet.
Better yet? The whole shebang is Aries transit.

Let me get this straight: a lion-headed warrior goddess who sprang forth from the sun god, in the sign of the lion (ruled by the sun), all snuggled up and cozy with the planet of the war god, while moving through his sign?

I don’t know nearly enough about astrology to make any real sense of that, but I know enough to spell “E-P-I-C” for a triple-word score when I get those particular tiles neatly lined up next to each other and handed to me on a plate! It’s… fascinating. I wish I knew more about the subtleties of astrology so that I could dig a little deeper.

With my interest in healing as a path or calling or whatever-it-is, I like to look at how Chiron is placed in relation to powerful points like this in my chart. In this case, Chiron in Taurus is trine to Sekhmet, which is at least a harmonious aspect. And when she wasn’t raining down bloody vengeance of the gods, Sekhmet was revered as a healer. (I love this description of the trine aspect: “The trine is a source of artistic and creative talent, which is innate.”)

An additional strong feature of my chart is what I’ve come to think of as the Empress influence. My birth sign is Cancer, ruled by the moon. My Venus is in Cancer, in the 7th House, ruled by Venus (oh and born on Friday – ruled by Venus – in the !@#$ hour of !@#$ Venus). I also have Ceres in Cancer. That’s an awful lot of domestic, womanly,nurturing energy tied up to my birth sign. And then I think of Chiron in Taurus, ruled by Venus and the gentler side of Sekhmet – Hathor – who ultimately became Aphrodite-Venus. This is the Cups side of things.

The Swords are represented by Gemini: Mercury in Gemini – its happy place -, Pallas(-Athena) – goddess of wisdom – in Gemini and Vesta in Gemini. That’s a whoooole lot of thinking and intellectual activity going on! And Mercury is sextile to Sekhmet, another harmonious aspect (having the qualities of… Venus.)

Oh! And I can’t help thinking of the Strength card, and that the image of a woman either subduing or overpowering (or encouraging?) a lion is somehow linked to all this. I’ve always felt an immense connection to this card and a certainty that it is trying to tell me something about my life. My personal inner struggle…

I don’t think I’m just fooling myself into seeing certain themes quite boldly outlined; a definite path, sometimes dark and lonely, other times lit up lie the Vegas strip.
Not that I know where that path goes; I just keep walking ’til the next mile-marker.
It makes it difficult to do things like say “Yes,” to the managerial position, when it is so diametrically opposite of where I feel I am being guided. But at the same time, have I not been guided here, too? ARGH! Cups might be able to go with the flow, but Swords can’t take this shit!

I just have to remind myself that the means isn’t necessarily the end. The journey is not the destination. And I will get to where I am going, despite myself, because there is no other way.

ETA: Thanks to a wonderful new discovery – Ravenesque – I can add that I have the asteroid Isis in Cancer as well. Another “Empress” archetype. And though I know that there are hundreds (thousands?) of named asteroids zooming around out there and they likely have very little effect, astrologically, I think it is interesting to see how saturated certain signs are in my chart and how desolate other areas are. There will be much more tinkering and playing over at astrodienst!


4 thoughts on “Memo From the Goddess

  1. erishilton says:

    Funny… You’re getting some Sekhmet action lately, and I’m all Durga-licious. RAWR!

    All you can do is go where you’re called, and see where it takes you. Hard to abandon yourself to the process with all of the swordiness, but I think you’ll end up where you need to be.



    • submerina says:

      I’m not surprised – they’re cousins, after all! Those stupid swords really mess with the process though. I read about your encounters and it seems so easy! Siiiiigh. At least they’re patient with me. Remarkably and surprisingly so.


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