Tarot Nusantara AVAILABLE

Tarot Nusantara

Tarot Nusantara

Remember this beauty?

Well, some saintly person on the AT forums has managed to snag a bunch and is selling/trading them off!!

Can you hear the squeals of delight?
I’m sure you can. My dog is hiding.

It’s official name is Tarot Nusantara and the thread where it’s available is here with info on the deck itself here. Showing remarkable personal restraint, I only bought 1, so there’s plenty left for everyone else. US$38 including shipping from Singapore for a deck I’d quite possibly sell a loved one for ssssh don’t tell = A Damn Good Deal. The only snag is, you have to be a subscriber to view the trading threads :(

I’m going to go quietly hyperventilate in a corner now.

6 thoughts on “Tarot Nusantara AVAILABLE

  1. erishilton says:

    I am not a subscriber… THIS BITES BALLS!!!!

    I don’t really need another acquisition, but this one is irresistible! GAH!

    Major jelz? I haz them. Still… I hope you enjoy yours. It is a beauty, no?


    • submerina says:

      Joining the forum is free – just sign up at tarotforum.net. To join the Trading Forum (which is where you will find the Nusantara for sale IF it is available), you need to have a paid membership. Membership fees are very reasonable, but be prepared to spend a lot of money on decks you never knew you needed! ;)


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