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Though there was a full moon this week, I didn’t feel a need to do a full moon reading. I feel quite clear-headed and ready to just let what will be, be. Besides, Thoth is being a little bitch; it declares everything I do or believe as “Futility”. Sounds like someone needs some quality freezer time to me. Thoth needs to remember from whence it came and know that I have been schooled in the ways of Thoth Pwnage…


KG referenced a post over at Guiding Hermit that seemed like it would suit this week’s energy. I made a few minor alterations for a better fit and knuckled down:

Fantastical Creatures Tarot by

Fantastical Creatures Tarot by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt; U.S. Games Inc, 2007

[1] Centre: My current state of being
VII The Chariot – Centaurs

Hmm. The cards keep observing that I am all Charioty and conflicted and off balance etc. etc. but I don’t feel it. Could I read this as moving closer towards achieving this harmony, now that I’m starting to understand how to surrender? What thirteen says about trying to fight the tide rings true: “The only way to win without sapping all your energy is to swim parallel to shore, and come in slowly, diagonally. So, too, when fighting in a chariot. You win by coming up alongside that which you wish to defeat.” It’s a very crabby tactic; kinda sneaky; working with the environment, rather than against it.

I am drawn to how “onward and upward” this card is in feeling, like there is finally movement happening. Purposeful movement. And I can’t help making the Chiron connection too, especially as I have just completed my Reiki II attunement. I also like how the chariot, the horses and the charioteer have been integrated in the form of the centaurs; it really speaks of getting everything lined up and ready to move in a single direction towards a definite goal. I’m almost afraid to even think it!

Naga Dance by camilkuo (click to enlarge)

Naga Dance by camilkuo (click to enlarge)

[2] West/Water: Where my heart leads me
Queen of Swords – The Nāga

::Squeeee:: Never mind the reading – I’m so happy I finally have an excuse to post this picture!! :D

What’s interesting about this card showing up in this position is that it is a Swords card – bearing the element Air – but it’s the Queen, who is Water (of Air). The creature depicted is also a water creature and it is in the Water position of the spread. Always with the Air and Water; soooooo predictable.

Where is my heart leading me? To a place of mature, perceptive, independent thought. A controlled place, but not control in the stern, unyielding sense of the word; a feminine control that flows and adapts and always emerges exactly where it needs to be. There is a distinct openness in this card’s image; a reverence and surrender. Just remember who and what you are dealing with here: “surrender” does not equate with “giving up”. There is great power and self-determination in the act of deciding where and when to hand over the reigns.

[3] South/Earth: Where my path is leading me
2 of Wands – Huginn & Muninn

And here is a Fire card bearing birds; birds named “Thought” and “Memory”, which I would definitely assign to Air before Fire.

In the Norse mythology, Odin sent his ravens out every morning to fly around the world; they would return at the end of the day to tell him everything they saw and heard, and Odin gained much knowledge and wisdom this way. I am struck by how shamanic this story is, particularly as ravens are well known as psychopomps and tricksters in many cultures. Add to this that Odin was a shape-shifter and the shamanic connection only strengthens.

The traditional 2/W meaning supports what I felt from the Chariot: that I am moving in the right direction towards my goal and have the confidence to achieve it. It’s also a card of creativity, which is always a good thing. The LWB calls for focus in fulfilling desires, if the change that is already underway is to continue. For now, I see my path leading me in the right direction and I am not without guidance on the journey. Just gotta listen to the croaking of the ravens ;)

[4] East/Fire: What is moving me forward
The Hanged Man – Medusa

Ha! The Hanged Man – especially in this deck – is doing anything but moving forward. But, there is surrender, as I noticed in the Q/S. It’s a very sad version of the card, this one; even Medusa looks stern and sad. The LWB describes it as: “Everything is frozen. A barrier in your life keeps you from moving forward.” How very contradictory to the position!

So here’s what I’m going to do: make up my own shit. For starters, this Medusa is winged, which I don’t remember from any version of the mythology. An interesting choice, making her an “angel” of sorts. A fallen angel, in the hanged position; one that has given up contact with the Divine to pursue the lower, physical realms. This actually ties in nicely as a metaphor for Medusa’s story. Her hair is made of snakes, an ancient symbol of wisdom; wisdom that can go either way, depending on how you apply it. And with all those snakes going in very different directions, I can imagine it must be hard for her some days.

Then there are all the lovely spirals – even the tree spirals upwards! Spiral, spiral, spiral – my current symbol of choice. In my current state of mind I can’t help drawing a connection between her hands – poised for no apparent reason – and Reiki hands (spiiiiiiiral). And she sits on the side of a path – what is she waiting for? Who is she waiting for?

Thought! What is moving me forward is the will not to be stuck; not to be frozen in place, waiting for who knows what! The centaurs are moving towards her, ready to jostle her out of her ennui (can’t you hear them? “Duuude, I’ve got an awesome idea! We should totally go hand with Medusa!” “YEEEAH!!”), as only the Chariot can.

[5] North/Air: The thoughts that guide me
Ace of Swords – Thor’s Goats

Another chariot reference! (And what does my beauty want me to know?) This is the breakthrough card, just the right tool/weapon needed to break the stagnant cycle of the Hanged Man. What’s interesting is that Thor’s goats not only get him where he needs to go, but if he happens to be a little too far from Asgard when dinnertime rolls around, he just chows down on his goats! And as long as he doesn’t break the bones, they are whole and hearty and ready to go again the next morning. My thoughts guide me and sustain me, provided I don’t crack them to get to the juicy centre…

What does this say? You don’t always have to understand something inside-and-out in order to get to where you need to go/be. Trust.
Looking at the spread as a whole, some things become visually apparent:

  • The centre card – the Chariot – shows two centaurs, one with arms open and palms spread to heaven, the other with fists closed and pointing downwards. The cards to either side mimic these gestures: the Q/S has her arms and hands open; Medusa has her palms turned down. I think this shows an opening up beginning to happen, but like Medusa stranded on the side of the road, there is still some hesitation; some fear of complete surrender to the process.
  • The top and bottom cards are both associated with Norse mythology and both feature a pair of animals (even on the Ace). The two gods they reference are quite opposite in character: Odin all mysterious and shifty and tricksy, while Thor is big and bold and blustery. The shadow and the fire. The Hanged Man is often said to depict Odin’s time spent on sacrificed on the World Tree, when he learned the runes. Lots of Norseness in this spread and Norseness is typically very forward and determined. It don’t take no shit from nobody, foo’!
  • The vertical arm of this spread depicts 3 pairs, which I think continues the theme of the Chariot: different courses which can either be at war with each other, causing both to get nowhere; or work together in harmony and reach a destination.

Mun-Danish Interpretation:

Stretching this even further for some fun – I am supposed to be making a journey by car (Chariot) this weekend, to see the in-laws, but there is a chance I might not (Chariot), due to logistical issues. Visiting the in-laws is usually good overall, but they can be a little… snaky sometimes, which makes me raise my hands to the heavens and beg for patience and understanding and biting-of-my-tongue (Q/S). At worst, this leads my thoughts to memories (2/W) of my family and how wonderful they are, but I chose my sacrifice (Hanged Man) and every experience is a lesson in seeing things from the other side. However, by the 4th day, I am usually gnashing and grinding my teeth (A/S).


The Fool - Fantastical Creatures Tarot

The Fool – Fantastical Creatures Tarot

Finally, the Quint card is 22… The Fool, as depicted by the Amphisbaena, a creature spawned from the blood of Medusa. And what do we see here? Yet another double-header, quite literally! I can imagine having two heads can cause a problem when trying to decide which direction to move in; but it is also a gift, being able to move with equal ease in either direction.

As with the Fool, a journey begins with a single step, but you have to make that first step and getting to that point can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Pick a direction, and go! Trust. I get it.

Fantastical Creatures Tarot


3 thoughts on “Current State of Being Spread

  1. Helen says:

    I enjoyed reading this immensely, I liked all the thought you put into your interpretation even the Mun-Danish Interpretation which placed a huge smile upon my face.

    I don’t have the Fantastical Creatures deck but I did buy it as a gift for someone else a while back, I hope they manage to read as well with it as you do!


  2. erishilton says:

    Honestly… sometimes the Mun-Danish approach makes the most sense. Says the Queen of Pents-Pants!

    She’s such a buzzkill…


  3. Kafka's Ghost says:

    Sorry I am late to the party. I put my Thoth in the Time Out Corner often. Question: if you are 2 headed, from which head do you look to take the first step? :p
    What I like to remember with Chariot-driving is the more relaxed the grip, the less squirrely the ride. I think your Char is taking you in the right direction, too.


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