Holy Hot Damn Art!

Cliodna Helena Nelson Reed

Cliodna by Helena Nelson Reed

I happened to pick a random link to visit off She Who Seek’s bloglist this morning. Wouldn’t you know it, featuring Clíodhna, a Celtic sea goddess. To the Googlemobile! Which is how I found the above beauty by Helena Nelson Reed, who also sells on Etsy as MorningDove (OMG I want one/all of her night lights!)

Just soak up the loveliness. It will refresh all your weary parts.

5 thoughts on “Holy Hot Damn Art!

    • submerina says:

      Ha ha! Yes, I have several pairs of weary pants, as well as unweary ;) Cliodna has magic birdies! Hummers are like little flying jewels…


  1. Celeste says:

    Very nice atist and Etsy Shop. I like the ‘wearable shrines’ …reminds me of my hand-painted jewelry (except hers are prints of her work, but beautifully done, especially with the accoutrements). I’ve often thought of adding accents to my pieces but I tend to focus on the fact that each one is painted individually.

    Very nice…thanks for sharing.


    • submerina says:

      Maybe you’ll be inspired to try some new things when it starts to feel “blah”! I completely missed the wearable shrines – so busy lapping up the colours – so thank you for drawing my attention to them. It’s a lovely idea.


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