Focus. Fooooooocus. FOCUS!

Ace of Fire - Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Michele Lee-Phelan

Ace of Fire – Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Michele Lee-Phelan. Copyright 2009 (used with permission)

Feeling fuzzy in the head. Too much, too many, too little. Stuff bubbling, bubbling, bubbling to the surface and it’s great, but yucky. Off to search for a focal image, something to meditate on, remind myself of what I’m doing and where I’m going. But which card? None of them work! 8 of Pents isn’t quite right… something Wandy, maybe? Creativity, inspiration, trusting your instincts, doing rather than just being… Beginnings. The Ace! *googledy googledy* Yes! Perrrrrfect. Look at the light shining between the trees at the back… calling… guiding…

And even better? It’s by an old blogging acquaintance of yore! Michele Lee-Phelan is an Australian artist who is a real sweetheart in addition to being the creator of truly luminous fantasy art. Her work seems to glow from the inside and is always filled with a sense of pervasive peace. And the colours! Rich, saturated, jewel tones and deep, warm whites. More of Meredith’s art is viewable in her deviantArt gallery.

5 days of work ahead of me. Maybe the distraction will clear my head.


6 thoughts on “Focus. Fooooooocus. FOCUS!

    • submerina says:

      Don’t you LOVE it?? The third eye, the spider, the antlers – there’s just so much to dig into! I’m really liking the look of her newest oracle too…


    • submerina says:

      My first blog award! I feel like a minor celebrity ;) Thank you for the BB and for pimping me out to the blogosphere, Alberta-buddy!


    • submerina says:

      Yes! It’s very earthy feeling. I like that it’s wood, which is an element I adore. Maybe I’ll rethink wands as “wood” as opposed to “fire”?


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