Not-a-Tarot: Dixit

Dixit is a story-telling/betting board game (which reminds me eerily of TAT, the most ridiculously skewed psych test in the known universe imho *snerk*) currently being discussed on Aeclectic Tarot.

I agree very much with the comments there, that this deck would double excellently as an oracle – oracular work is storytelling for divination, after all – except that the game comes with 84 cards, substantially more than the average oracle deck! I especially like the look of the cards from Dixit 2, which seems to be a little darker and hence more appealing to my horribly warped adult mind. Further samples of the artwork can be viewed on the Boardgame Geek. The only bummer is that the game seems impossible (or ridiculously expensive) to order! Will have to investigate further.

Look – pretty! And creeeeeepy… just the way I like it :)


7 thoughts on “Not-a-Tarot: Dixit

  1. erishilton says:

    Looks like you might be able to pre-order in March…

    They look like they’d be worth checking out… One of the first “methods” I learned for working with tarot was telling a story with the cards. While these aren’t tarot, or an oracle exactly, I don’t see why it couldn’t also have divinatory uses also. Besides… I happen to have a very creative little niece who wants to play board games with grown-ups, but struggles when the rules are complicated. She LOOOOVES telling crazy stories (I wonder who she got that from…), so this is something I’d definitely love to try with her.

    Besides… they’re quirky and just dark enough. Too much good stuff… ARRGGHHH!


    • submerina says:

      Yessss… yeeeeeessssssss… corrupt them while they’re young! :D I struggle when the rules are complicated too, so I feel her pain. That’s why I just sit in the corner and play with… er, by myself. And if there’s too much good stuff, know that I am suffering along with you. Does that make it better?


  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Oooo, I never saw this post before. It was in the sidebar as a “Top Post”, which is interesting that it suddenly showed up there. I just watched “The Crow” and what’s the first card I see up there? A crow/raven dressed like a priest. Argh. Now I’ll be on a mission trying to hunt down a copy of this.


    • submerina says:

      Gods, have you seen these deliciously dark cards from the latest version (4)?? I want the series with a fierceness, but it’s just so expensive here :'( I did just order a few more packs of the Storyworld cards though, so I’m building a little oracle out of those.

      Mmmmm, Eric Draven… maybe I can con the MR into playing dress-up ;)


      • D. D. Syrdal says:

        Ooo, what amazing art! I found them on Amazon, but yeah, they are kind of pricey, aren’t they? Hmm. I’ll have to troll Ebay for them, hopefully score a used set for less. Good luck with the dress-up ;)


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