Temperance is a Witch

Temperance Tarocchi Marvel

Scarlet Witch as Temperance – from the Tarocchi Marvel

Scarlet Witch is a character from the Marvel Universe. Here she makes an appearance as Temperance in the Tarocchi Marvel, an Italian-only release, and a blast from the past.

I’ve managed to not get sucked into the mad world of comic fandom – although I’ve had my share of dalliances, most notably with Batman, Spawn and The Crow ::sigh:: (I like ’em dark & tortured and a little on the wrong side of heroic) – but the one time I succumbed to the lure of Cosplay was for a friend’s 5th birthday party. My mom had bought me a few decks of superhero trading cards and my favourite – besides Batman – was Scarlet Witch. I carried her everywhere with me. When my friend’s Superhero Party was announced, she’s who I wanted to go as.

I had a red bathing suit and little red sneakers, so I was halfway there. My mom made a cape, I think, though I can’t be sure. I do remember the accessories, the headdress and gauntlets, because they were made from cardboard and poster paint. I can still shudder. You think a 5-year-old can’t feel shame, can’t understand that her costume is “hella ghetto”… but I did. And so, Scarlet Witch will forever hold these conflicting memories for me. But with the distance and addition of years, I have come to understand and appreciate what my parents faced in those early years.

Temperance: Heals all wounds?


8 thoughts on “Temperance is a Witch

    • submerina says:

      5 was “one of those years”, costumes or no. Ohhhhh snap! I’m a _5_ – of COURSE 5 was one of those years! Ahahahahahaaaaaaa :D

      Scarlet Witch is also hella tortured – an excellent combination ;)


    • submerina says:

      She’s why the Tower falls – kicking some serious Devil ass! And then she cools down for a dip as the Star, takes a refreshing nap as the Moon and awakes all revitalised, puts on some new clothes and is ready to face the World :)


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