The Witches Altar Tarot

Witches Altar Tarot Hanged Man

Hanged Man: The Circle – The Witches Altar Tarot

OMIGOSH! Will the tarot goodness never stop??

Above is the Hanged Man from the Witches Altar Tarot by Ted Enik. Only a few cards have been completed, but it is wonderful so far.

From Phantasmaphile:

The Witches Altar Cards are unexpected, eclectic still lifes depicting symbolic altars. Each card corresponds to a traditional tarot card. However, unlike any other deck, they are laid out as horizontal vignettes – personal altars created from household and ritual objects. The power of the deck can be drawn upon in two different ways; practical or oracular, familiar or mysterious.

By placing an Altar Card before him/her, each individual shrine will invite the seeker to enter. Through detailed imagery and rich symbolism, an Altar Card will stimulate the imagination and open the seeker’s mind to a meditative journey.

And I don’t think you need to be witchily-inclined to appreciate and use these images. From the looks of it, there are going to be plenty of symbols and layers of oniony-goodness to contemplate, regardless of path, rede or creed.

I’m guessing (hoping) these cards are going to be large and presented in the horizontal format as the appear now (I can hear the whining about them being difficult to shuffle already…) I just love how artists are pushing the boundaries of tarot-expression! The “purists” will whine about non-traditional format and elements and presentation, but really, popular tarot is only a little more than a century old and is still very much in its growing-and-developing phase, I think. Besides, we are changing, and so the expression of our symbols change with us.

All I can say is thank goodness Eris pushed me out of the tarot closet – it’s going to make sneaking decks into the house a lot easier!

(In other bank-breaking news, the Morgan’s Tarot has now been officially re-released at US Games SQUEEE!!)


8 thoughts on “The Witches Altar Tarot

  1. Kafka's Ghost says:

    HOLY CRAP! It’s too much! I love this vignette format! Way cool. Lovelovelove out-of-the-box. :D
    And I’m deciding if 8 packages being delivered to my friend in the States is too much (Morgan is on my wish list afterall…) *gulp*


    • submerina says:

      Yes! It’s a whole scene to explore. It reminds me of these books I had when I was a kid where the artist designed a massively involved scene for each letter of the alphabet. There’s so much to look at! I’m eagerly waiting to see the rest of the deck as it evolves.


    • submerina says:

      I’ve been enchanted by the Morgan’s since the first time I saw it. Quirkiness is always a winner! If you try the reader on the website you’ll see what astounding readings it gives too. Must have!


  2. Ketzirah says:

    I was really confused at first, but then the light dawned. Fascinating!! Definitely not a deck I’d read with, but a great one for meditation, magick, and altar focus points. The imagery doesn’t quite work with my spiritual path — but I love the concept. Keep posting about this one. I’ll be curious to watch it progress!


    • submerina says:

      Yes, I really like that it presents “Scenarios” or prompts to meditate/focus on. I don’t really have a well-defined path, so the eclecticism reels me in :) I hope it progresses quickly!


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