7 thoughts on “Never Enough High Priestess

  1. submerina says:

    Oh, deviantArt, oh deviantArt,
    How many hours have I devoted to searching your trash for treasure?
    The GBs speak for themselves.

    I went through a shrinkie jewellery stage and made a multi-tiered necklace with this as one of the pendants. Yes, there’s more where this came from… ::tease tease::


    • submerina says:

      It’s not as… silent as most HPs. There’s a definite power and force in the image – she’s not still and “waiting”; rather, actively prophesying? Could that be what’s “off” for you?


    • submerina says:

      And I like my images with a good whack of power :) Also find the fact that she’s pregnant a very interesting choice. Pregnant with knowledge? Is the pregnancy divine?


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