4 thoughts on “Spirit

  1. erishilton says:

    Awwwwww…. :(

    Poor little guy.

    In design school, people thought it was odd that I assigned typefaces very distinct personalities and feelings, right down to the specific letters.

    It’s not weird… It’s Animism™!

    It also makes me wonder what animism would be like from a synesthete’s point of view. ;)


    • submerina says:

      It makes me sadder everytime I read it :(

      Of COURSE fonts have personalities!! Call themselves designers… how can you be an artist and not realise that fonts and media and paper and everything has a personality!? We are the modern primitives – see our tattoo sleeves! Wait…

      I’ve never thought about the animism synesthesia angle… now I have to contemplate.


    • submerina says:

      That’s what I was reminded of as well, even though I haven’t seen Wall-E. Apparently the Rover had its own twitter page and everything – poor little Rover :(


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