Les Bijoux de Tarot: Tarot Jewellery

Hermit Ring by Nanz Aalund

Hermit Ring by Nanz Aalund

While I am still working my way through (over) analyzing my Chakra Spread, something to distract and delight:

Jewellery by Nanz Aalund, including rings inspired by the tarot (scroll down the page), created for her “thesis on the connections between important life passages, culture, art and the fact that jewelry lies at the center of all of these”.

Of the few shown in detail on the website, the Hermit is my favourite. I’ve always loved the idea of a ring with a secret compartment, whether to store poison, perfume, prayers or, in this case, a tiny candle to light your way through the long, dark night of the soul. There is such beautiful detail in the “screen” doors; they remind me of Moroccan or Moorish architecture.

There is an article on the website explaining the origins and research behind this collection. It is interesting in and of its own, but I think her idea of jewellery expressing the same archetypal themes as the tarot makes for a fascinating inclusion into my own study thereof. She has assigned agate to The Fool and it makes me wonder if this has any bearing on my dream of a house with pearl and agate floors…

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