Deviant Moon 2 of Cups

2 of Cups - Deviant Moon Tarot

2 of Cups – Deviant Moon Tarot

Oops, I did it again. I’m not even going to feign shame over my hunter-gatherer impulses because I am too damn good at it and look at my beautiful trophy!

This is a borderless print of the Deviant Moon 2 of Cups and a OOAK piece (unless Patrick changes his mind down the line, which doesn’t bother me – I has a pretty!) When the 2 of Cups was released as a print, I was all sighy and cry-baby on the inside (aaand on the outside, in all honesty), but I was being good. No more. You have enough. But then this one came up and ::POUNCE:: I struck while my impulse-control was looking the other way (it gets tired and distracted from always having to be on guard). Victory! Now that it’s here, Impulse-Control Central agrees with me that it was a wise decision.

Who’s getting tired of hearing me rave about the colours and textures and depth of the Deviant Moon prints? No one? Oh good, because this one is as magical and spectacafabulicously lovely as the others. The photo-realistic elements of the carefully constructed images eg. hands, goblets, houses are especially integral in blurring the boundary between fantasy and reality in this card, and the connection between the 2’s and the High Priestess is inescapable. It’s there in the crescent moon that cradles the “II” and the woman’s golden crescent nipple; in the clock striking midnight, when the boundaries between this world and the Other are thin; and the woman’s blue-black skin and snakelike tendrils of hair with their glowing tips.

And if I hadn’t already used the Deviant Moon 2 of Pentacles for the BDE, this card would take pride of place as the 2 of Cups. Death and the Maiden – a timeless and classic theme and just the perfect take on the message of compelling and undeniable attraction, for this little goth girl. Inescapable union. I got shivers just typing that! The spilled blood, the gold bindings tying them together… and just who is seducing who in this picture? There’s so much going on in this image; it’s the kind that opens up the more you stare at it and meaning after meaning just starts flowing. A masterpiece!

Secure your own 2 of Cups – or any of the other gorgeous prints *hint hint* Limited Edition Queens have just been released! – at the Deviant Moon Print Shoppe. They always come very securely packaged – even the best efforts of the postal system are thwarted by the rigid cardboard inserts and layers of paper protection. Not to mention the little extra sketches Patrick adds that make it such a joy to discover what’s inside. These prints are truly an investment and a delight!

9 thoughts on “Deviant Moon 2 of Cups

  1. AJ says:

    It looks very nice. I still have to get this one. Maybe next paycheck? =D

    I have a question, how do you order a borderless print? Do I have to request it with Patrick?


    • submerina says:

      The borderless print was a one-time offer. He did it with one of the others a few days back, but you have to be fast to snatch them up! I’m avoiding the Queens ;) Each time I get a print I say “that’s the last” and then he releases another and it’s just soooo preeeeetttyyyyyyy… running out of space (and $$$)!


  2. erishilton says:

    I recently ordered the larger sized print of the Ace of Wands… It’s my favorite card in the whole deck. An Ace of Wands that isn’t “BEHOLD, the MAGIC of PHALLIC IMAGERY! BEHOLD! SERIOUSLY! I AM AWESOME!” is rare, and to have it focus on the more feminine and creative aspects of Wands… Yay! The prints are waaaaaaay too tempting not to indulge. Besides, the print I have from Saaki-Saaki is kind of tiny and not as awesomely WALL WORTHY. It will be here next week sometime, and I am super stoked.


    • submerina says:

      You’re going to LOVE IT! And everything you said about it is true true true, although I hold a special spot for those Wandy Aces that are especially… wandy. The ones with unfortunate detailing in the wrong places… tee hee hee :D But the DM A/W is a delight! You will want to stroke it.


    • submerina says:

      Oh shit – I saw the blood, but thought it was spilled from the cup! Chopped off toes… I’d love to hear from Patrick what that’s all about! All I can think of is “Stepping on each other’s toes” or the original Cinderella story where the stepsisters cut their toes and heels off to fit in the shoe. ??


      • submerina says:

        I had a look at the big scan on albideuter and she’s wearing red nail polish, so no decapitated footsies :) Intriguing as to where the blood comes from then…


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