MF’ing King of Pentacles Spread

This was a very difficult spread to interpret. Took me absolute days to put the thoughts together in any sort of way that made sense. The King and I will be having further discussions in future, mark my words. I have a sneaking suspicion that he has relation to The Emperor and I have another, sneakier suspicion that The Emperor is just about ready to crest the horizon of my attention. It’s going to get ugly all up in here.

King of Pentacles Spread

Centre Card: The Issue
King of Pentacles

Or, “The motherfucking King of motherfucking Pentacles,” as I like to think of him in my head. I just can’t get rid of him. Regardless of spread, regardless of deck used, he shows up. And each time he does, I am filled with murderous rage. Why is this? It is not completely clear. Partly, it’s his smugness. I can’t stand smug people. It makes me want to make with the punchy-punchness. Partly, it’s the authoritarian air he has about him; I hate being told what to, especially in the patronising patriarchal way I just *know* the King of Pents has about him. And he’s such a fucking traditionalist too. Ugh. UGH!

But, as stubborn and thick-headed as I am, Ihave the sense to know when I’m being given a message, so I might as well try and understand it and move on. Being stuck is no good for anyone.

The LWB has this to say about the Family of Foxes:

[They are] the most astute and pragmatic of animals. The Foxes are responsible for building solid refuges and collecting and distributing resources so that all may be guaranteed food and shelter. They love everything that is practical and concrete and have a very practical nature.

The King of Foxes symbolises “possession, control of resources.”

Words that set my teeth on edge, a short list: pragmatic, responsible, resources, practical, concrete (I like foxes though.)

But what do I see in this version of the card? He definitely isn’t as odious as the other Kings, I’ll give him that, and his cute little nose makes me all squealy inside. He appears to be seated on the battlements, but they don’t circle behind him. Instead, there is an unobstructed view to a hilly landscape, which I cannot see in any other way than as large waves. Even the sky has the colour of a pre-stormy sea. There are apples strewn on the ground in front of him and next to his throne – why would he squander these? To hang onto his preciousssssss coin?

[1] Why does the King of Pentacles keep showing up?
5 of Wands

The first thing I noticed about this card is that the way the Wands are crossed, they form a rough pentagon shape! The second thing is that the 5’s are usually seen as conflict cards – how appropriate. And the third thing is that all 5’s are linked to The Hierophant, so this is related to something I need to learn and something I need to reconcile.

5 is the point where the stability of 4 starts to move, where Earth takes on Spirit. Wands are creativity, passion, projects, fire, ideas, Will, growth. These little frogs don’t look so much like they’re fighting, but rather like they’re beginning to build something, or at the very least, partaking in ritual “combat” a la Morris Dancing. The overwhelming feeling is definitely more to the side of co-operation that conflict. Creative conflict? The conflict that inevitably happens due to the very nature of creation, but leads somewhere? The ground they’re on is dynamic and remind me of brush fire.

The LWB assigns this card the meaning of “satisfaction in using your own means.” Combine this with the way the frogs seem to be working together, and I get a feeling of “using your resources”, “using what’s there” – tying in perfectly with the King/P. When you rely on yourself, there will be conflict, because you are forced to make do with what might not be quite right for the job at hand, but persevere, and you’ll build something stronger because you understand the components and how they work together exactly.

So why does the King show up? I need to learn that what I have (internally) is enough; I am not lacking. I can make exactly what I want with what I have, I just have to believe. Oh, and it’s not necessarily going to be a cake-walk.

[2] Why does he make me so angry/annoyed when he shows up?
2 of Swords

I have blinded myself to the conflict. I don’t want to see, because then I’d have to choose? Face truths I don’t particularly like?

This little kitty seems very closed down (Note, though, that Kitty’s ears are open and pricked – she misses nothing.) The colours are beautiful, but “shy”. It is a very calm scene, but the atmosphere is a little heavy. It’s probably time for Kitty to open her eyes; surely her arms are getting tired from holding those swords up all the time?

So why does the King annoy me? He presents an inconvenient truth: I can only hide in/behind my thoughts for so long. Would that I could live life successfully by retreating into my own intellect, but that is neither practical ::shudder:: nor responsible ::shudder:: The time (dawn?) is drawing near when I must move into the realm of “doing”; I know this. But… my thoughts have never betrayed me. “Doing” cause pain, pain of the kind that I don’t deal well with and each time it happens it hurts more and the damage I suffer is worse. It’s safe behind the blindfold, but my arms are getting tired…

[3] What message from the King of Pentacles am I failing to understand?
3 of Wands

The ship is coming in; it will be here soon. Now, will I have the cojones to climb aboard and sail for parts unknown?

Little frog stares into the distance at the ship coming in. Is it his ship, or does he stare longingly because he *wishes* it was his ship? Are the 2 other staffs those of his companions he took the brave step off the pier, and are now returning home with stories of mad adventure and riches unknown in parts unexplored? He stayed behind… There is an intense sense of longing in this card. Intense. Has Froggy changed his mind? Will he brave enough to climb aboard the ship and sail away next time? He seems so small in front of the vastness of the ocean, but resolute.

What is the message from the King? The LWB prods me towards “opening to the future”. The satisfaction, stability and accomplishment that the King represents can only come from bring open to possibilities. Rulers take risks, calculated risks, but risks nonetheless. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, hey? So, maybe the King isn’t gloating, so much as presenting a glimpse of the future, should I choose to embrace it? Well, now I feel a little silly!

[4] What area of my life does this pertain to?
The Hanged Man

Both as a Trump and as the Hanged Man, I think this card pertains to Spirit. Also, the moon behind looks like a halo and he is suspended above a “pyramid” mountain – further symbols I associate with Spirit. The way Batty’s wings are wrapped around him, makes it look like he’s cocooned. Cocoons = metamorphoses, which would be the next card in the sequence, Death! It is also a card of seeing things room another viewpoint; re-evaluating your reality. I like that he’s holding what appears to be a book, with a rabbit on the cover. A fairy story? He’s also hanging very casually from the branch, with one foot swinging free.

At first I thought the message referred to the work I’ve been doing so far – the Spirit stuff, the “re-birthing” – but I suddenly think that this card actually means addressing a/some deep-seated viewpoint about myself. Something I’ve incorporated into my reality that isn’t true. The moon hints at illusion… and the storybook makes me think this issue goes way back. I need to untie myself from the dead branch of my belief! I’ve already got one foot free… Maybe the storybook is what will set me free? The tarot?

[5] What does the King of Pentacles want me to do?

Again? Do I now have to do a spread on Temperance too?

The LWB offers something new and interesting here: “To heal diseased animals, Winged Sheep draws water from the Fountain of life and casts a spell with two golden goblets: ‘Water flowing from the fount, I ask not for life for myself… Drink here while facing into the sun, and you shall be healed!'”

I’ve done a lot of work with Temperance in other spreads, but the King really wants me to focus on it and take its lessons to heart. Here I’m being offered yet another angle on it: not so much about my insides, but about the world outside of me. I can see this card as a progression from the Hanged Man in this spread. I first have to conquer that issue, then use what I’ve gained to make like Winged Sheep. I choose to see it as no small coincidence that I am going ahead with the Reiki training, which would be a step in the right direction towards this particular Temperance card.

[6] What is the first step I can make to move to the next energy phase?
4 of Pentacles

Take a bite! I know that’s not really what’s happening, but it looks like the little fox is NOM-ing down on the Pentacle. Chewing his way to freedom?

With this being the “miser” card, and coming after Temperance and the Hanged Man, to me it’s a pretty obvious kick-in-the-butt; a loud voice yelling, “LET GO!” Hell, even in relation to the 2/S the message is still “let go”. Feelings of miserliness inevitably stem from fear; fear of not having enough and particularly, not having enough when you need it. It’s part of our primal programming, from the days before we had grocery stores and refrigerators; the energy has just been transferred to intangibles. What is my intangible fear? I don’t even think I’m completely sure anymore. I thought I knew, but now… what am I so afraid to share, in case I run out? My Self? All these little half-thoughts are darting through my head; I need to pin a few down.

The LWB offers encouragement in assuring me that, “Stability has been reached and your objectives partially accomplished.” Hooray for progress!

Quint Card: 5 + 2 + 3 + 12 + 14 + 4 = 40
4 – The Emperor

What did I say? What. Did. I. Say??
Guess it’s time to look for “Emperor” images next.
Do not want ::pout::

8 thoughts on “MF’ing King of Pentacles Spread

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Just a couple of stray thoughts. Is there a person in your life who is a King of Pentacles figure? Someone on whom you are perhaps financially dependent (partner, parent, lover, boss)? The spread could be addressing your (conflicted?)relationship with this person. Do you have different ways of handling money/finances? The fact that there are 2 Major Arcana cards indicates that a choice needs to be made (reinforcing the 2 of Swords).


    • submerina says:

      I’ve also thought about it being Daddy Issues or just general Railing Against the Patriarchy rage, but I think what it boils down to is that I have a conflicted relationship with *money* itself. And with seeing myself as a financial success – as the King undoubtedly is – because that would mean becoming like the King and that is a slow and very painful death sentence. I need to find the middle ground.


  2. kafkasghost says:

    Bite off more than you can chew. THEN CHEW IT.

    OOOOHHHHH coincidence that it’s Motivational Wolf saying this?! Motivational FOX MF’g King of MF’g Pentacles?? I’ve been watching first seasons of The Wire so I’m all east coast DOOOHHHHH, MF’g this, MF’g that, MF…

    No wonder Zoltan calls them Motherfucking Courts.

    Any relation to these ocean dreams and K of P?


    • submerina says:

      HA HA HAAAAAA! Watched “The Fantastic Mr Fox” this weekend :) There’s even a scene near the end with a wolf that’s really very sweet and beautiful. The FMF is very much about biting off more than you can chew and then chewing it!

      The King of Pents wouldn’t know an ocean if it drowned him. Actually, he’s so earthy he’d probably absorb the whole thing and still be thirsty :| Ocean/sea/water dreams have been around my whole life; the King is new to F’g up the scene.


  3. erishilton says:

    The Emperor is the President, and the King of Pents is his Secretary of the Treasury.

    I don’t like the King of Pents much. He’s just no fun at all.


    • submerina says:

      Precisely. And they wear brown suits and maroon socks and they hold far too many meetings. They have no understanding of us creative types >:(


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