Full Moon for a New Year

Better late than never, right? This was actually ready, all except for the spread interpretation, but then my intuition shut down in a state of shock and I could go no further. I’ve changed my mind about a few things below, but going with it as it is for posterity’s sake… or something. With the Dark Moon coming up, my inner HP seems to be peeking her head out, so let’s give this another try!

Cancer and the Moon

Zodiac Sign of Cancer | Johfra Bosschart (click to enlarge)

Really, I know better than to try reading on a Full Moon, but how often is an opportunity like this going to come along:

  • Full Moon
  • Blue Moon
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • ending the 1st decade of the 21st century


  • it’s at 10° 15′ Cancer – my Cancer Sun birth degree and as-close-as-damnit minute (hereby cementing it as MINE)!

Right?? Exactly. Gotta do it, even if it wrecks me!

In the Blue Moon Tarot, this particular Full Moon is represented by…

The Magician. I shit you not.

Full Moon in Cancer, after Winter Solstice

This card represents the first full moon after Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice or Yule is the holiday or cross-quarter day that begins with the return of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere. The day when Mother Earth gives birth to the Sun child.

In the Astrology from Egypt, Cancer was associated with the scarab beetle and not the crab. The scarab eats away the darkness, leaving light. The young scarabs emerge from the dung ball much like the sun rising out of the Earth each morning.

The Scarab eats dung and transforms the filth into fertile soil. This is yet another of the mother’s traditional jobs- to clean and renew. This card emphasizes the importance of Renewal/ Rejuvenation and the powers of life and of birth. These powers are seen as the Mother bringing forth life from a dark womb. Birth is a magical event that transforms spirit into the material world. The magical newborn is in tune with the universal energies at the moment of its birth.

Attributes: Omnipresent; omniscience; omnipotence.”

All the mothering stuff aside, I think it’s a very appropriate description for this full moon especially. An eclipse (even partial), the end of a decade and the end of a year – all transformations.

And then there’s this piece taken from “Secret Doors of the Qabala” by Ted Andrews over at The Violet Hour:

13th Path – Tiphareth to Kether

Spiritual Experience: Vision of Harmony through Union with God
Life Path Keynote: Glory of the Dark Night of the Soul
Primary Symbols: Hebrew Letter: Gimel (camel)
Astrological Influence: Moon
Tarot Designation: High Priestess
(Important just a little way down the page…)
Colors: Blue
Magical Gifts: Moon; bow and arrow; silver; the dog
Pathworking Benefits: True knowledge; completion of work; true power of faith in the Divine; peace with oneself; giving birth to the Light within.
Strengths Achieved: Faith; removal of barriers between worlds; resourcefulness; self-reliance; wealth of intuition; revelation of hidden
Weaknesses Revealed: Self-made obstacles; unbalanced emotions; inability to see purpose; overdependence; conflict of being alone with being lonely; unreliance.”

I don’t know _why_ this entry was made, other than that the title makes me think it is linked to the Full Moon. And The Violet Hour always seem to have exactly what I need, when I need it, so it is included.

Suffice to say, I am of the opinion that, when things line up like this, it is Important. Or at least, a Time When Things of Import Can Be Achieved. Considering how many little Universal IM’s I’ve been receiving lately, is it any wonder that now Gabriel is getting in on the action? Seriously, I don’t go looking for this stuff, it just finds me, and no wonder, with Gabriel being the messenger angel and ::dum-dum-DUM:: angel of the Moon and Cancer, numerologically ruling both my day and month of birth:

Gabriel – 2, 7, 12, 18

Gabriel is connected to the moon and so has influence over the changing flow of our fates and fortunes the, same way the moon’s gravity controls the tides. Home, women’s physical and domestic affairs are under his guardianship. Everything in his dominion is concerned with increase. He is the angel of conception and childbirth as well as those who travel by sea – this blends nicely with The Chariot and the Moon.

He is also concerned with magic and mysticism. If he is aspected in your numerology it means you have great imagination and natural clairvoyance – which tie in with The High Priestess (remember up there in the section on Path 13?) and The Hanged Man – the ability to know without knowing and the introduction of spirituality.”

I’m not even “into” angels, but if Gabriel wants to join the party, go right ahead, my good androgyne. The more the merrier at Casa del Crazy Card Lady! Arrrrrrrriba!


Inspired by this page and this spread and all these other bits of nonsense I’ve cobbled together into a lovely Trifle of Deep & Meaningful, I’ve put together a spread for this most auspicious alignment of events and things, even while I hear my father’s voice in the back of my head, carrying on about New Age crack-pots…

Here’s hoping I don’t hurt myself too badly!

Full Moon Lemniscate Spread:

The lemniscate shape of this reading happened by accident, but I’m sticking with my policy of “no accidents today”. Fixed time is a human construct; it flows however it wishes, in and out, back and forth, never ending. It is no coincidence that The Magician is crowned in eternity. While we observe a “year” “ending” and another “beginning”, time does what it wants and we are carried along with it. I personally “feel” like the year ended a couple of days ago.

Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon; U.S. Games Inc, 1998

Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon; U.S. Games Inc, 1998

[1] What draws me into 2010?7 of Swords
The forces pulling me along, affecting my course, as the gravity of the Full Moon pulls on the tides and time keeps flowing, regardless.

Let’s just start right in with the confusing and puzzling, shall we? While this is traditionally the “stealing” card, I read an interesting interpretation of it… somewhere… that this card represent someone taking what they need and leaving the rest. In this process I am undergoing, I’m beginning to understand what it is that I should keep and what I should discard. Of course, this pertains entirely to ideas and modes of thinking, hence the Swords. I’m also discovering the pieces of me that were “stolen” over the years and am taking them back by force, if necessary. I have to be careful not to trip over my own cleverness, though. It’s neat that I drew a 7 card – associated with The Chariot – to represent the force moving me along!

[2] How can I Align my Self in this new year?Princess of Swords
Balancing mind-body-heart-soul to resolve the Cancer-Capricorn conflict/dynamic present in by birth chart, in this time-frame and in my personal life.

Well, hello, signature card, fancy seeing you here. Whenever the Princesses of this deck show up, I feel like I am being told to go back to childhood, or remember my Inner Child. These little Princesses are so brave and self-assured; they have yet to have their souls trampled on and fettered. Their innocence is inspiring. I feel like this card is saying to start over with a blank slate. It isn’t the same kind of “anything-can-happen” indefiniteness of the Ace; it’s a knowing openness, a conscious choice to not be dragged down by the sometimes ugly nature of life and Self.

[3] Matching my Private with my Public FacesAce of Cups
How can I work with the visual cue of my Sabian Symbol to incorporate my authentic self into everyday life, regardless of how frightening that is and how long I have hidden it away?

Hmmm, verrrrry interesting. Another cue to go back to the beginning, emotions this time and a real starting over. Do over! The way the fairy is uncovering the pot of gold says to me to do the same; stop hiding, stop pretending, let it all fly out in a shower if gold. I feel strength from this card too, although I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s an Ace; holding all the potential of the suit in its rawest form makes it a formidable force, capable of holding its own. I also feel like the Ace isn’t the type to back down, for all her watery nature. She knows the secrets of the rest of the suit; she can progress forward, unafraid.

[4] Message from my Guide(s)/Angel(s)6 of Pentacles
Insight into the course of Spiritual Lessons and Higher Self Education awaiting me this year.

Making peace, joining opposites, balance and fairness and all of it grounded in Earth. This makes me think it will be a lot of groundwork, excuse the pun (but that’s my guide/s). Ooh ooh! Inner peace? Yeah well I _know_ that, guys. So the work will continue and it seems like it will be a positive outcome, a strong and fair union. I almost feel like there’s a pact to be made, an oath to practice charity and kindness. And behind all of that, I get the feeling that this also refers to an end result of my partnership being strengthened through my successful work on myself. (This guide/angel, whoever it may be is very Pentacle-oriented. It’s really fascinating.)

[5] The Magician, ManifestThe Hierophant
Coming into my own and claiming my power, uniting Spirit with Earth; in what area will I see rebirth and renewal?

Oh please oh please oh please let this be a message that the whole pursuing-a-path-of-healing (Reiki being the first thing coming up) is me finally moving in the right direction! I’ve really come to associate the Hierophant very strongly with Chiron. Also, The Hierophant performs a function very similar to The Magician’s, but in a more accessible way; a practical application. I see myself no longer just learning and experiencing and wondering where it’s all going, but finding that outlet and reason for all the “prep work”. A rebirth of purpose (dear sweet Lord, is that too much to hope for??)

(Doesn’t it look like The Hierophant could be the one joining the couple in the 6 of Pents?)

[6] The Transformation6 of Cups
Work that has begun, but is not complete; where is there opportunity for further growth?

Aaah, no doubt about it, this is about saying goodbye to the past; having one last look back before moving on. Recognising that things sometimes look deceptively “better” through the sepia-tinted lens of the past, when really, it’s never all rainbows and unicorns. There is a loss implied in the 5 Cups that stand upright; forgiving and letting go is a difficult process and not without pain. This card being right at the centre of the spread is very telling too, like I’m teetering on a decision: do I move forward, or stay stuck in the old patterns? And taking all of these things into account, this is a prompt to live in the “now”, I think.

[7] The Shadow which passes over my MoonKnight of Wands
What challenge(s) need to be faced? They present an opportunity to strengthen my more “delicate” and intuitive side.

Damn! I always struggle with this Knight. It’s like I just… can’t… quite… get it. Guess that’s the Shadow at work! Movement and fire, things I’m not really good at. That said, I’m sure working on this would indeed benefit my soft, gooey centre. If She feels protected, maybe She’ll come out of hiding more often? There’s a conflict though: the Knight of Wands in particular is diametrically opposed to the Moon in personality and M.O. (though they share things below the surface). He’s all charisma and ambition and fearlessness, things that make me very uncomfortable. You know, my Moon nature is actually more of a Shadow to my inner K/W. If anyone’s oppressed and hidden in this picture, it’s Him.

[8] That which is Partially HiddenKing of Pentacles
What illusion(s) do I still need to shake free from in order to accomplish these tasks?

YOU… aah, fuckit. Note to self: do a read on the King of Pents to find out what he wants, ‘cos I’m all out of creative ideas.

[9] The Emerging TruthThe High Priestess
Clarity in a specific area of emotional conflict, whether related to Position 8 or not.

Yes, well done cards, the moon is emerging ;)

Seeing as the HP is pretty much all about hidden things, it’s a positive sign to see her coming to light here. I guess I’ve always struggled with “owning” my HP side. I was always praised and encouraged for my logic and intelligence, but anything that smacked of New Age hippy shit was instantly and summarily dismissed. When I tried to express my feelings, they were given the same treatment. It’s amazing the amount of lasting damage that can be done in the first few years of your life… I still feel stupid talking about anything relating to faith or esoterica or feelings, unless I’m able to veil it with a nice, big, heavy cloth of sarcasm and cynicism. It’s not as if it’s even anything really impressive or “out there” like mediumship or clairvoyancy of any kind that I want to unleash… I just want to be able to openly voice and live within my own wacky, cobbled together world and not be punished for it. Siiiiiigh.

[10] The ReleaseTemperance
What needs to be discarded; emotional clearing and letting go, as the year passes and the Full Moon begins to wane again.

This one confused me so much, I took it to the AT forum to get some ideas. When the last several readings I’ve done have all been seemingly saying “more Temperance, more Temperance”, to now get “discard Temperance” throws me for a loop.

The majority of opinions pointed to breaking out of the “middle way”, to learn to throw caution to the wind and be more spontaneous, instead of always being so “measured” and logical. Another suggestion was to not be afraid of rocking the boat, to be a little less accommodating; I don’t always have to be the Peacemaker. The one that really seemed to make a lot of sense in regards to the other cards that came up in this reading was from Starshower, who shared her own Temperance experience and suggested that it could indicate that I “should ‘pour away’, metaphorically or literally, old, outworn or stale ‘stuff’, back to the earth or the elements, so that wonderful new things can manifest for [me] in their place.” This definitely echoes what I’m getting from the 6 of Cups.

Curious1 suggested: “I think it’s kind of like learning that oil and water don’t mix for long and that the repeated shaking it requires to keep them mixed isn’t worth the effort. The only way you can really know/understand that these two ingredients will never mix (unless they are in a constant state of agitation) is by putting them together and seeing what it takes to keep them blended. Once you understand that trying to keep these two ingredients mixed is futile, you can abandon the notion of putting them together with peace of mind that you know more about both ingredients than you did before.” Wow. Talk about making the “insides” work with the “outsides” and being authentic! Time to stop faking it, because I’m never going to make it following the methods of the past. Time to own up to who I am and make peace.

[11] The Rare Opportunity8 of Wands
The gift of the year to come; the culmination of working successfully with what is given.

Mmmm, lovely! This one ties in with the Knight of Wands in its dynamism, and even the background Chariot influence in the 7 of Swords. Movement, expansion, NO FEAR! This cards says “NOW.” It’s a clarity card. I am aware, though, that this window of opportunity will only be open for a certain amount of time. It’s not a super small window, but a window nonetheless and I have to decide if I’m going to take it. It’s more about committing to turning myself around, rather than retreating back into the old patterns of fear. Angel Paths states that this card in conjunction with the Hierophant and HP positively aspected is a good thing and quite possibly a Divine kick in the ass. Yay! It’s about trust. And going for it.

Death - Spiral Tarot[Quint] 13 – Death

Ha ha ha! “Hekate is my co-pilot” :D

How appropriate that 13 is the Quintessences of this spread: Endings, transformation & change. Rebirth. What I’ve always liked about this Death is the way she is trawling for souls and OMG! Look at the moon! A partial eclipse. Cheers!

I usually see some sort of pattern in my spreads, but nothing really stands out here. Roughly half are “face” cards, roughly half are “movement” cards, no one element or colour dominates (although there is a slight bias towards wind and water) and I don’t see any particularly important card interactions. It’s a very unified spread, I think, with a clear message. More of a confirmation, than a revelation and you know what? That’s just fine by me!

Illustrations from the Spiral Tarot deck reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1999 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.


4 thoughts on “Full Moon for a New Year

  1. Kafka's Ghost says:

    I will have to come back and re-re-re-read this but on the first-go, holy farkin’ schnitzel is all I can say.
    How am I not surprised your Sun is in Cancer… ;0D
    What an amazing spread, too.


    • submerina says:

      My Sun in Cancer has chosen to be slighted by your remark – which is obviously a thinly-veiled insult. OBVIOUSLY. – and shall now commence an Epic Sulk until peace offerings of bacon are made.

      HA HA HA!
      Good luck on reading the whole thing. I can barely make it all the way through myself!


  2. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Very interesting Full Moon Lemniscate spread! Do you not read Reversals, or did none just show up? I like your comment that the 7 of Swords can mean “take what you need and leave the rest” — yes, I can see that being the case sometimes. I will have to remember that aspect. To me, the 6 of Cups means “get a new perspective” — time to look at things differently, which definitely includes living in the “now,” not in the past, but also could be a stronger and more pointed direction to cultivate a new and different viewpoint.


    • submerina says:

      Thanks! It took a lot of work and manipulation (ie. forcing) to get the positions figured out. I wanted to cram as much in as possible, but keep it simple, y’know? ;)

      I don’t read reversals yet; want to understand the cards and how they appear for me in their upright positions before I start tackling the upside-down view. I think your version of the 6/C is very in tune with this reading, especially because of the direction the figures are facing and the distance in the card – they seem to be doing exactly that: cultivating a new view!


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