Swoon-worthy RWS Clone

Now, before anyone gets too excited, I don’t know if it’s an *actual* deck, or an artistic experiment. The artist is Indonesian and the comments aren’t in English, but I have sent a message!

The Real Art of TarotThe deck is called The Real Art of Tarot (to view larger, click the orange monitor “Download” icon on the left) and is designed in the style of traditional Indonesian art, interpreted in a modern, graphical way. This translates into wonderful lines and bold swirls of colour, very reminiscent of batik. It is GORGEOUS. The artist has managed to stick very closely to the RWS card presentation, so it is entirely readable – even for beginners – except that it is artistically and aesthetically more pleasing by 1000% (yes, I do have something of a hate-on for the Rider-Waite).

The figures are graceful, slightly otherworldly, vaguely Art Nouveau in feel, reminiscent of the fashion illustrations of the early 20th Century and lush for days. Colour… oh, colour. It makes my heart sing! There is a high amount of detail and texture in the images, without them becoming fussy and overwhelming. And, despite sticking to the western esoteric tradition in the way the cards are presented, there is a definite tribal atmosphere to the pictures. Maybe it’s just the textile-whore in me talking, but they have a life and vibrancy that is completely missing from the very staged drawings of PCS (I know, I know, she was a theatre designer…).

In short: I want, I want, I WANT!!

I dare you to not love this deck:

The Real Art of Tarot - Majors Sample

The Real Art of Tarot – Majors Sample (How awesome is The Devil?)

The Real Art of Tarot - Minors Sample

The Real Art of Tarot – Minors Sample

Now, who can hook me up?? Got it!


6 thoughts on “Swoon-worthy RWS Clone

    • submerina says:

      Yeah, that’s what made me think it might be a “project”, rather than an actual deck. Then again, it’s not unusual for English to be used as a title in non-English-speaking countries, especially in the Asian sub- and continent. Fingers crossed!


    • submerina says:

      Hey! You lost me! Completely! ;)

      Adam McLean as in alchemy? What is the connection… ?
      Or is this simply an expression of random joy (which I approve of, heartily)?


  1. erishilton says:


    Now, I’ve learned to love the Rider-Waite for all of it’s limitations. But it’s taken me YEARS.

    If this can be purchased somewhere, English or not, after you’ve hooked yourself up with one… Holla at me. I haven’t accquired a deck in… erm… like three weeks, and am going into withdrawals.


    • submerina says:

      You know it, sistah! Hookage shall be upped.

      Ha! Withdrawals XD I just received… NINE! So I’m feeling very satisfied right now and composing a nice post o’ glee about it all. I’m working my way up to a nice 2 dozen.
      And then I’ll stop.
      No, really.


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