Tarot Resolutions

A 2007 study on resolutions found that:

“… while 52% of participants in a resolution study were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they engaged in goal setting, a system where small measurable goals are used (lose a pound a week, instead of saying ‘lose weight’), while women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.”

My technique for success is unrivalled in its effectiveness. Want to know my secret?


Yeeeeeah, I’m somewhat “resistant” to goals; the setting, the planning, and especially the keeping and achieving. I am EPIC FAIL at goal keeping (and goalkeeping). There’s probably some long ago, deeply buried psychological reason for this, or maybe it’s just not natural. I’ve tried every method out there and defeated them all. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

But tarot makes it fun wheeee! So, I’m going to give it another shot. And seeing as most goals are abandoned by January 10th (I’ve got nothing to back that up, just read it somewhere), I’ve already beaten that little statistic by only starting on the 10th. I am S.M.R.T. The techniques I’m using are based on Ginny Hunt’s post “I Hereby Resolve…” and Kiki at Tarot Dame’s simple 3-card “New Year Spread Reading”. I’m calling this my:


Using the Secret Tarots for this, so I’m not sure what kind of results I’m going to get. The Spiral is having a much-needed time-out and the Truth-Seeker’s is keeping schtum.

So, what goal should I focus on this year to improve all areas of my life?
5 of Swords
Of course it’s a conflict card; why wouldn’t it be.

This card is different to the usual 5/S in that it doesn’t show the smug victor gloating as the 2 defeated persons skulk away in the background. This woman is meeting her foes head-on and the outcome of the battle is not yet known. The set-up is interesting too: 5 swords are racked above her head and there are 5 swords pointed towards her too. Not to be gloom-n-doom, but I think this points to it being a tougher battle than usual. Or maybe the 5 swords above point to the 5 opponents the woman has already conquered and therefore claimed their weapons for her own? Their pointing to the right says, “keep going”.

What’s interesting is that she levitates above the ground; she is lighter than air. I think it is also significant that we can’t see her opponents – maybe they don’t exist outside of her own mind? This card is super-swordy – 12 in total – which leads me to think that this is definitely a psychological battle. Ah, the LWB says “victory gained with great pain”. Honestly, I’ve had enough pain for a while, but I’m seasoned and can handle a little more for a good enough pay-off.

And how should I go about this?
5 of Pentacles, The Lovers, The Sun

Madame in the fur coat appears to have achieved some level of fame or notoriety, so why does she look so miserable? Maybe once she got there, it turned out not to be what she wanted after all. I don’t know what that’s like at all It isn’t even so much as never being satisfied, as it is being disappointed – yet again – when pursuing that elusive thing that you thought was finally “the one” and then finding out it’s as empty as all the rest.

The Lovers imply a choice, probably a tough one. This Lovers does a good job of presenting the Will Vs. Desire theme: there’s the lascivious redhead lifting her skirts and the cool, Grace Kelly-type turned demurely towards the pillar. Romeo seems way out of his league. But you know what? The redhead is wearing gree, a colour that’s already show up in the 3 previous cards, whereas Grace in her ice blue is blending into the background. Time to maybe cut loose, follow my desire and live brazenly for a change? Justice – again with the green, wearing a red cloak. So “yes”, but don’t lose your balance.

Getting The Sun is almost unheard-of for me! This is only the second time ever and it’s a wonderful card to end this reading. The boys on the card remind me of Gemini, bringing this full-circle and back into the realm of the intellect. I think the fact that there are two boys is significant; it really emphasises the message of harmony between 2 things, rather than putting one thing above the other (see Justice).

And one’s holding a frog! Very powerful transformational juju and they also walk between the worlds (seriously, are there ANY animals that aren’t associated with the underworld???) Ding-ding-ding! Frogs are amphibians… ohhhh. Equally at home in the water (intuition and other dark places) and on land (physical world). You mean… you mean… maybe, just maybe I can find some peace at last? The Sun is also strikingly different to the other cards in colour-scheme, emphasising the “rebirth” into a new state. Hurrays!

And onto the next:

What I should leave behind me when the new year arrives
2 of Swords

I’m getting a serious “drama queen” vibe off this one. The moonlight, the nekkid-ness, the posing and lighting and colours, not to mention the eyes closed and looking to the side. It’s all a little too “mystical” and “fantasy”. Following on from above, maybe it’s the idea that there has to be conflict, that there has to be a choice. The Sun says clearly, two apparently opposing ideas can co-exist in harmony. Open your eyes and *see*, woman!

What I should take with me in the new year
Queen of Swords

Uh-huh? Could you be more obtuse? So I should choose 1 “sword”? Her eyes are also closed… and there are two nude girls behind her, while she is swathed in black. Now I’m thinking there’s some kind of progression, or transformation… Hmm. The crown above the Queen’s head is similar to the moon above the woman in the 2/S. Another opposite. The Queen is strong… It’s *just* out of my grasp… Next card!

What I have to look forward to in the coming year
9 of Wands

Oh goody, happiness all ’round! Disregarding the card’s meaning, the pale redhead from the 2 of Swords is back, but this time she’s in a bright, sunny garden. And she’s wearing white. She’s in a garden, possibly imprisoned, possibly safe; shut away, like the Hermit (9). Maybe it’s how you view it? There’s definitely something going on between these 3 cards; the colours, the states of dress (and undress), the setting and times of day. And they all have their eyes closed; the two outer cards seem to bow slightly to the Queen in the middle. Actually, there are 4 figures who bow to the Queen, including the 2 on the mural behind her.

And look, the pillars behind her – one is in shadow and the other is touched by light, reminding me of the pillars in the HP. I was thinking “priestess” earlier for the Queen, but now I’m *really* thinking it. Sacred! That’s what I’m feeling from this grouping of cards. I get a strong sense that the 9 of Wands is connected to The Sun: the sunny day, the wall/hedge, the white dress symbolises purity and rebirth and Wands being Fire are naturally tied to the Sun. And look! The Sun card has bullrushes that remind me of the Wands in the 9. Huh. Transmogrification it is then.

So there it is, all out in the open and public, just like the “experts” say it should be for maximum effect. Now support me, dammit!


2 thoughts on “Tarot Resolutions

  1. Kafka's Ghost says:

    Yaaay, a Secret Reading. I have the mini of this so I must say it’s nice to see bigger versions, if only on my KOMPYOOTER screen. I think of 2nd LOTR at the Battle at Helm’s Deep when they’re about to go balls out for glory against the hordes of orcs which have knocked down their battlements and it’s just before Gandalf shows up (“…at the dawn of the 3rd day, look to the east…”). So whether she thinks she’s gonna win or not, she’s going balls out for glory.

    omg, we’re sharing pieces of the same brain with this goal setting crap (as I STILL steadily work through my Pathfinder exercises *snort*). I used to say “Make no wishes and they’ll all come true” which I meant to mean, the universe always provides so don’t sweat it. We’ll see what happens. It seems that goal-setting and beginner’s luck either DON’T go together or there needs to be goal-setting once the beginner’s luck runs out. Hmm…

    Happy week!


    • submerina says:

      You know you can view all the Secret cards in large scale here: http://www.albideuter.de/html/secret_tarot.html ? I use it sometimes when I want to be sure I haven’t missed anything. No mini decks for me – the bigger, the BETTER ;) Nice analogy – Helm’s Deep; it does look like one of those situations. Wonder who my Gandalf is? I’ll just keep looking to the east… waiting for myself to ride up over the horizon!

      I’m very intrigued by the Pathfinder book; it sees like it could be a useful tool for exploring “What to Be When I Grow Up” options. I’ve been disappointed by so many of these types of “resources” though. Does it actually help you uncover anything new?


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