The Empress is Still Knocking

I suppose it’s no co-incidence that The Empress is still demanding – gently and politely, of course – that I take her lessons to heart; I am entering an Empress year, after all. Right now, I’m halfway between the High Priestess and the Empress. It’s quite the transition, moving from such a passive, secluded energy into a more dynamic, living-out-there and being state of… being. I can tell it’s the Empress knocking, because her voice doesn’t bring earth-shattering realisations, so much as soft moments of “well, duh”, and I can feel someone smiling off to the left and slightly behind me.

To whit, one of my favourite Mucha pieces of all time is “L’Etoile du Matin” (The Morning Star) from The Moon and the Stars Series (1902). Isn’t Venus the Morning Star? Why yes, yes it is. And here she is, in The Celestial Tarot:

Thinking of the Empress’ message of love, I can’t help making a connection to Green Tara, Bodhisattva of compassion; compassion for others, beginning with compassion for one’s self:

“The more dynamic goddess, Green Tara is the “Mother Earth”, and a fierce goddess who overcomes obstacles… In Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star, but she was also called She Who Brings Forth Life, The Great Compassionate Mother…”

Green Tara Mural

Green Tara Mural (Supposedly. The multiple arms are unusual, but maybe another version? I like the depiction, regardless.)

The connections I make… maybe they don’t exist outside of my own centre, but the answers are there, in the images and colours and textures of my life. I am just now recognising them.


8 thoughts on “The Empress is Still Knocking

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    One of my most favourite songs by Sweet Honey in the Rock opens with these lines: “For each child that’s born / A morning star rises / And sings to the Universe / Who we are!” I can imagine Mucha’s beautiful Morning Star doing precisely that!


  2. Kafka's Ghost says:

    Mucha is da man! I love Mucha. Is there a Mucha deck? If not, there should be…I definitely see your connections (especially the note about transition from IIH.P. to IIIE.) and they have actually helped me understand III The Empress even more. That Green Tara is gorgeous!


    • submerina says:

      I think the closest thing to a Mucha deck would be one of the Art Nouveau decks. He didn’t design much that would translate well into tarot, at least not directly (I think?) Wonder about the copyright issues… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a Pre-Raphaelite deck mmmm.


  3. in2themystic says:

    A lovely post!
    The energies of Green Tara (and also Quan Yin and Mother Mary), bring tremendous insights to the true nature of the Power of the Divine Feminine, and what Power really IS…
    Enjoy your Empress shall learn much about yourself that will amaze and delight you, I think. :)
    Thanks for the mention and link-back!


    • submerina says:

      Thank you, Kachina. There are several posts on your site that gave me some important clues and steps to follow; I’m thinking especially of the one on anger. There’s a lot of work to be done!

      I _am_ looking forward to my Empress year :)


  4. erishilton says:

    When I think of the Empress showing up a lot for you, all I can think is that the conduits and portals of all things creative are WIDE OPEN.

    I have an inkling that going to be makin’ a lot of aweseome art this year! Hooray-yay! I may just have a jelz!


    • submerina says:

      Well, I hope I can inspire a jelz, because the reason for it would be positively delightful! It’s about time those particular conduits and portals got blown clean. I admit I am a little afraid of the yuck that has to come out first…


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