A little creativity seeps out…

Christmas Angel Gift

Christmas gift for my mom-in-law, with poem by Rumi. Not my usual subject matter. Not at ALL.

Materials: Kraft paper, Sharpie, metallic pens, H4 and coloured pencil.
Usual suspects: Mucha, Beardsley, Clarke
Annoyance: her face was beautiful in the initial rough sketch. The finished version looks like a goddamned My Scene doll. Sigh.
Overall: I am delighted, despite the My Scene-ness and metallic pen upsets (the pens “vomit” spontaneously). An unprecedented reaction on my part and perhaps the start of the next wave of inspiration?

4 thoughts on “A little creativity seeps out…

  1. erishilton says:

    This is really beautiful… I love the way the silver gives her such a lovely, ethereal quality!

    You create amazing things. I wish I could draw even half as well!


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