The Empress: Friday’s Child

Friday by Brigid Marlin

“Friday” by Brigid Marlin (click to view original)

This very-appropriate-for-tarot painting from the “Days of the Week” series by fine artist Brigid Marlin shows Venus in an image reminiscent of The Lovers. Here, I see Venus representing The Empress and I really like the idea of her presiding over the alchemical lovers, as if they were her metaphysical children. This Venus is also wonderfully “other”, with her blue skin, quizzical expression and moon that she holds higher than the sun – almost as if she’s channeling the High Priestess a bit. Her garden is gorgeous, filled with earthly delights and I’m sure it’s dusk where she is, where day meets night… a time for crossing over; blending… exchange.

I especially love what the artists says about Venus in her description:

“By her, the two principles, male and female are conjoined. This can be a stage in the development of a person, when the shadow or unconscious self is seen and accepted, it ceases to be an opposing force, and the two halves of a person are united in love and understanding.”

Aha! What was it I said about Temperance being the lock and the Empress being the key? BINGO! *Ding-ding-ding* and a “Hells Yeah”!

Here’s to the tarot, the poor man’s therapist!


ETA: Oh funny Universe – my year card for 2010 is… The Empress (/Hanged Man).

2 thoughts on “The Empress: Friday’s Child

  1. erishilton says:

    I haz a brainstorm! I couldn’t resist! :) If Temperance is the lock, and the Empress is the key…

    The High Priestess is the one who locked the door, and now peers on the other side of the peephole, refusing to let anyone in. The Hierophant shoves notes and instructions under the door. The Chariot bangs repeatedly into the door until the door jam breaks and the door springs open. The Magician will jimmy the lock with one of his magical tools. The Hanged Man will knock once, then wait around FORRREVER. Strength will knock swiftly a few times and say “Hey! It’s cold out here! Open up! I know your home!”. The Emperor will call a locksmith. The Star will send gentle beams of light shining through the keyhole.

    And the the Fool? He’ll turn it all into one big knock-knock joke.


    • submerina says:

      And the Devil will make a glory hole BWAHAHAHAAAAA!!

      Sorry, couldn’t resist.
      What I _meant_ to say is: See? There’s that spunky Fire with it’s sassy ‘tude that I luff so much. Daunce, Tarot, Daunce! :D

      Temperance is like a cat; always wants to be on the other side.


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