What’s in a Name? Quickfire Reading

This one is from the AT forum (and of course I can’t find the thread now) and is a fun little reading to do for yourself or others. Some comments that were made on the thread wanted to know what the point of basing the reading on someone’s name was if the name itself doesn’t really influence the spread; why not just lay cards out? However, I view it as making the reading more personal and I could see this “spread” being especially good as a “parlour game” ie. useful at parties, family gatherings etc. My results were accurate and immediately clear, so give it a try!


You can see they’re a little hinky, but things tend to work out regardless. It’s the maaaagic of taaaarot ;)

First Name
  • Divide into 3 equal parts:  past – present – future
  • eg. 6 letters = 2 cards each || 5 letters = 2 – 1 – 2 || 4 letters = 1 – 2 – 1
Middle Name
  • Divide into 3 equal parts:  obstacles – self – allies
  • “Self” is the focus, so add extra cards (X) as needed
  • eg. 5 letters = 2 – 1X – 2
  • If no middle name, assign 1 card to each position (X – X – X)
Last Name
  • Divide into 5 equal parts:  body – mind – spirit – emotions – will
  • Add extra cards as needed to the end of the sequence
  • eg. 8 letters = 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – XX || 4 letters = 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – X

[1] First Name – 6 letters

Past:5 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles

I see our last proper family Christmas, all rosy and glowing – a moment in time I remember vividly -, before we moved to the other side of the country and I was separated from my grandparents and left “stranded” and “out in the cold”. This was a deeply traumatic experience and the beginning of my mental health problems. I was too young to have the perspective necessary to see the remaining Pentacles left in the snow…

The Knight… could be my father. He looks a bit like my dad, although my dad was closer to middle age than a Knight would normally represent. The reason we moved was because of his job and for us to get a better shot at life. It was very much about starting over. Aha! This from thirteen’s description: “…this teen likes being at home. He needs to have his own room or secret place, and woe to anyone who goes into that room or changes it in any way. This teen has his own organization system for everything.” Yeeeeeah, that’s me. The stories my poor mother could tell…

Present: 8 of Pentacles, King of Pentacles

Yep, mastering my craft through “apprenticeship” :) The past year and last few months especially have been defined by working towards opening my own businesses and mastering my field of interest and expertise. It’s been about repetition and trial-and-error and I’m now at the point of reconsidering the whole damn thing. Every apprentice reaches this point and I’ve been here multiple times. Will I bale again, or push through?

And… him. Surprisingly, while I am amused and annoyed to see… him again, I’m not feeling the usual burst of irrational anger towards the King Of P’s. This points again towards the business, perhaps reaping the coin that was planted by the Knight, but I don’t understand the Kingliness of it. I am faaaaar, from being the King, either in mind or actuality… Could it be the start of such?

Future: 10 of Swords, Queen of Wands

Hooray! An end to strife and a new day dawning on the far shore of the horizon. This is the card of “things can’t get any worse”, so they can only get better! With it being Swords, I especially see an end to the mental torture I’ve been going through, trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, if ever.

And the Queen of Wands is something to aspire to, being the mistress of fire and action. She is a woman of passion and creativity, very vital. She doesn’t just live inside her head, she lives out there. I’m starting to understand that the Queen of Wands is who I aspire to be in life. However, she isn’t who I am naturally – I don’t think – so it’s going to take work. Maybe that’s why I’m getting all the Pentacles showing up now?

[2] Middle Name – none

Obstacles: Chariot

Again, I get the placard saying “Tag, you’re it!” At least, that’s what I’m assuming, with The Chariot being my astrological sign. On a deeper level, it’s the constant battle I wage against being pulled in too many different/opposing directions. My life is typically defined by the daily struggle between my warring parts, interests, thoughts. It’s calming down though. The tarot is helping to bring some much-needed alignment, so that the Chariot can start moving in an upwardly direction.

Self: Judgement

Not the first time this card has shown up in answer to this question and again, a loaded one. I judge myself often and harshly and rarely find myself worthy of redemption. Going deeper, this is about the karmic story being played out, which I am finally becoming aware of. Laying the past to rest, through radical acceptance and thereby moving into Being. My quest for rebirth, escaping – overcoming – the cycle I’ve been stuck in and moving into a place of lightness. And it’s a beautiful, bright, glowing lightness that overwhelms me with joy, knowing what I am capable of attaining.

Allies: The Hermit

Aaaaah, I love seeing The Hermit, especially when it answers a question so appropriately. So nice to know I’m not going it alone, that there is someone looking out for me and lighting the path to be traveled. I mean, I know this, but confirmation is always nice. My guide/s have always been really good about giving me a heads up every now and then. I like the way this card works with the other two – a Light to guide the Chariot on its bumpy journey.

[3] Last Name – 8 letters

Body: Hierophant, Queen of Cups

I would expect Pentacles, or at least something relating to the “physical” to show up here, but no. And you know what, it’s true. My body is at the very bottom of my list of considerations and interests. I’m all about the Hierophanting and looking into my Cups for satisfaction. Spirit and emotions are where it’s at – this body can just be damn glad I grant it the honour of co-existing with me!

I sometimes wish it was different, what with the whole this being where I “live” in this plane of existence and I really should take better care of it blah blah blah, but I couldn’t be arsed. I’ve got better ie. more interesting things to do with my time. The Queen does bring the joys of moodiness and depression though, so perhaps if I was more aware and actively involved with my body, I could overcome that particular little gift.

Mind: 9 of Swords, 8 of Wands

Nothing new here: scary thoughts and imaginings and being overwhelmed by ideas coming hard and fast from out of the blue. Sleepless nights, mountains out of mole hills, same old same old. At the same time, The Hermit is my ally, so the power of the 9 can be used to my advantage. The 8 has NO fear; it is ready, able and absolutely willing to take on whatever comes its way, and will no doubt triumph. It’s all about harnessing my natural gifts and making them work for me, rather than being a passive victim.

Spirit: The Empress, 10 of Pentacles

These are the kind of cards I like to show up once in a while, cards that show progress, a complete picture that leave little room for doubt as to what’s being said. Something I’m really enjoying about thi tarot journey is the way I’ll “discover” a card – in this case, The Empress – and then that card appears in every reading for a while.

Here’s The Empress, mother to the generations. Earth cards in answer to Spirit, just as I got Spirit cards in answer to Body. I’m getting a message of integration, of making peace with Earth and earthiness and of being comfortable in my body, rather than feeling trapped. It has to start with Spirit, after all.

Emotions: The Lovers, 4 of Wands

Love. Love! It’s The Empress being expressed and I have to wonder, again, if The Lovers haven’t been referring to my actual physical relationship, rather than fulfillment in my work/creativity/outlook. Or both? Perhaps learning to love myself will enable me to show my love for others, and especially my husband, in a whole new way. The Wands suggest a foundation having been laid, a place of stability and power to operate from.

The combination of cards here is so strong! Karmic Lovers and lovers in the physical world. It’s very beautiful and extremely motivating. Light to move towards, definitely.

Will (absent): 4 of Pentacles, High Priestess

Conflict! The miser vs. the High Priestess, not a match made in heaven. If you look closely, you can see the smirk on the HP’s face; she has no time for that small, terrified little man in his unyielding prison of his own making. Note the similarity in their positioning though, each on their “throne.” My Will is influenced by a fear of loss… whereas the HP knows all. Gotta sweep aside that curtain!

What’s intriguing is that I’ve recently been contemplating the issue of “will”, how reluctant I am to force my will on others and vice versa; how this contributes to my being so uncomfortable with being a “business person”. Business isn’t very live and let live, it’s about manipulating and one-upmanship and just yucky-yuck-yuck :( I also realised that I have almost no ambition, at least not in the traditionally accepted sense of the word. My business coach nearly choked when I came out with that little nugget. ::SIGH:: Add it to the list.

Extra notes:

– ALL Majors for Middle Name portion. Interesting. And appropriate.
– Shout out to the Wands and Pents, who are suddenly making themselves known after not wanting much to do with me before.
– And a big “FUCK YOU” to my nemesis, the King of Pentacles, because it just wouldn’t be a complete reading without him stinking up the works.


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? Quickfire Reading

  1. Zorian says:

    This is such a creative spread, and in a way is ‘Tailor-Made’ for the seeker as it’s based on ‘their name’!

    Isn’t it interesting how the Quint for full name is High Priestess (your sign’s ruling planet is the Moon), and your first name’s mini quint is Hierophant (your Soul Card), and your last name is The Lovers (all the Gemini in your chart)

    In a way, you were ‘destined’ for your name :D

    However, is it necessary to pull cards for middle names if you don’t have one? Cause many cultures around the world don’t use middle names at all. Also, in some cultures, they have multiple middle names… like Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone … or Maria Conchita Isabella Felix Solis. What do we do then???



    • submerina says:

      I wish I could find the thread again, because several people asked about having no middle name or having multiple middle and last names. This is why I’ve decided to classify this as a “parlour game” type of reading: it’s got big, gaping plot holes you could punch a tractor through, but it’s fun :)

      Another thing I thought of is, if you lack a middle name, do those elements have less effect on you? Then I saw my cards and realise I was SO off base, it wasn’t funny! But you could possibly interpret it that way, with multiple names having more effect, I guess.

      You know, my name was changed the day before I was born, so yes, it was a little bit o’ destiny at work there. I think it’s interesting to see the Lovers as my name’s Quint, when it comes up in the Penelope Spread as my _life’s_ Quint. Huh? HUH?? I’m going to have to start paying more attention to the Quints, because it’s too much fun not to!


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