Deviant Moon Aces are… ACE!

Look what I did:

Deviant Moon Prints: Aces of Wands & Cups

Deviant Moon Prints: Aces of Wands & Cups

Deviant Moon Prints: Aces of Swords & Pentacles

Deviant Moon Prints: Aces of Swords & Pentacles


Honestly, photos do NOT do these prints justice. I tried taking some detail shots and they were just crap, but trust me: these prints are PHENOMENAL. They defy the laws of physics in their 3-dimensional quality – it seems like you should be able to put your hand into the scene… And the (visual) texture is like velvet, deep and lush and rich. Even The Man agrees on this. It’s the layers of colours (and textures) that do it. What you can’t see online is that the black of the Cups’ skin, for example, isn’t a flat black; there are colours mixed in that make it vibrant and shimmery and alive. Same with the Pentacles, which is especially intense.

And the details… I could get lost in them! The tiny dots on the Pentacles and that swirling nebula at the centre – I could swear it moves; the headdress on the Cups; the tiny glowing stars in the Wands’ tree-crown – simply magical. Magical. They make me want to just sit and stroke the paper for hours, absorbing their essence. Let’s put this in tarot terms: I’ve chosen these prints over new decks ::GASP:: Yes, it’s true, they’re just that delicious.

At this point in time I can also say that, not only is Patrick an incredible artist, but he is unexpectedly thoughtful, kind and generous and we all need to throw money at him so that that there is no risk of his ever having to stop doing what he is so bloody good at. To whit:

Get your favourite Ace (obviously, I recommend the set of 4) HERE.
Patrick has also made a few more of the magnificently fierce & mystical 2 of Pentacles available HERE.


4 thoughts on “Deviant Moon Aces are… ACE!

    • submerina says:

      I need to get mine framed (along with all the other art I have. Sigh.), but I’m holding out for next year, as there’s a possible move in the works. Don’t want to have to cart all that glass around!


  1. Zorian says:


    I’m so totally J of you! I’ve been wishing for this deck for ages now, and everyone seems to have it instead of lil ol me! Damn the bookstores n stuff here for just having the same ol RWS decks!

    The images are so lovely! I’m salivating as I type, cause I’m so totally mesmerized!

    btw… Doesn’t Ace of Wands look more ‘Earth’, while Ace of Pents looks more ‘fire’??


    • submerina says:

      I don’t have the deck either, so you’re not alone. I adore the artwork (::salivate salivate::), but it’s far too much on the same wave-length as me and I don’t think I’d be able to read with it. It would be like looking _into_ a mirror, rather than _through_. Having seen the full size art now, I don’t think I ever could have the deck because there’d be too much missing. I’m waiting for the sister ;)

      I absolutely see where you’re getting the Fire/Earth reversal, which is kinda cool for adding another layer to interpretation. To me, the Ace of Wands is very, very woody and wood = fire, whereas the Ace of Pents is a (European) dragon, traditionally of the earth, with all that treasure-hoarding in caves and what-not.


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