Temperencial* Serendipity

I am not lucky in the traditional sense of the word. I don’t drop a quarter each in a row of slot machines only to have each one pay out, nor have I found myself walking down the street in a foreign country, only to have my favourite band pull up beside me because they like my shirt. That would be my brother, for whom “strange things happening” are a daily occurrence.

I, however, have serendipity all wrapped up and delivered to me daily. Maybe it’s because information flows in the direction it’s most wanted (and God knows, I always want it)? Plus, it’s just fun to say: “Serendiptity, serendipity, serendipity!”

“Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”

    – Lawrence Block
Fey Tarot (LS) Judgement & Hindu diety Ardhanarishvara

Fey Tarot (LS) Judgement & Hindu diety Ardhanarishvara

The Judgement card from the Fey Tarot is the perfect visual summary for the artistic experience, not only in my world, but for all artists, I believe. When there are so many ideas clamoring to get out and none of them are good enough, you crumble under the attack. When even the paper has it in for you, there’s nothing to do but put your head down and wait for the cease-fire. Judgement plays a key role in making art for art’s sake – because it’s beautiful and it makes you happy – as opposed to art with a “real” purpose.

And then there’s Ardhanarishvara who is, in the most basic of description, the synthesis of Shiva and Shakti. The concept of Ardhanarishvara is a great one to focus on when contemplating the illusion of dualism that I noticed in the Temperance card!

Put them together and what do you get? Compassion, another of Temperance’s lessons for me to absorb:

It’s convoluted and labyrinthine and personal and beautifully inter-connected and all because I decided to pay attention to little card #14. Something – many things – to meditate on.

ETA: Everytime I do one of these posts, I have a spurt of clean, clear creativity. Angel draft is done, her hands and feet are delicate and lovely, her hair is Nouveau-Mucha goodness and even the wings look good, especially given that this is not my usual style or subject matter. Is it too much to hope for that I am finally starting to clear the blockage?

* Is too a word. I just made it up ;)


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