Comparative Tarot Spreadsheet

Do you want to see a Hyper-5 at work?

Comparative Tarot Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is something I’ve been working on for a couple of years. Every time I find a new deck that has alternate card names, meanings or presentation, I add it to the collection (provided the entire deck is viewable online). By gathering all these different interpretations of the arcana, I hope to broaden my understanding of the tarot; you never know when a particular angle on a card is going to be the one that sparks that killer bit of intuition or helps you crack the code. It’s a little messy in places, but it’s an ongoing work in progress. I originally planned on gathering actual card images to aid in the comparison, but now that albideuter has that available, I don’t need to worry by already worried head over that anymore!

If you can contribute to this work, speak up! And feedback is welcomed. I’m particularly keen on adding Lisa Hunt’s “Fairy Tale Tarot“, especially the actual stories attributed to each card. Besides being a fan of fairy and folk tales in general, I think it’s the kind of thing that can really help you to see a card in a new light. The old stories are basically just expoundings on archetypes, after all. Oh! And the Blake Tarot as well. I’ve never managed to find scans that are large enough to see the detail in the quotations used on the cards. I’m sure there are plenty more I’ve missed.

So go on, help a girl satiate her compulsive tendencies!


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