Deviant (Moon) Art

Browsing the Deviant Moon website one day, I saw that The World print was for sale. OMG!! Imusthaveit. Whyhasnobodyelseboughit? Stopaskingquestions! Hooray for PayPal and the many wonders it brings to my door. I not-so-casually mentioned that I would love to get my hands on the 2 of Pentacles – my FAVOURITE card in the deck – and Patrick kindly made it available ::salivate:: BUY NOW!

My prints arrived yesterday! Wonderfully packaged, covered in sketches (extras were included because I overpaid on shipping) and the prints themselves are amazing. The colours are unbelievable in their saturation and depth and the amount of detail that is visible in the print truly shows the process used to construct each image. I have new respect for this deck; it is truly a work of art. The only thing is that there is no way the cards could ever compare to the large-scale prints now that I’ve seen them! Only will power and the reality of the bank balance stand in the way of me collecting one of each.

I highly recommend the purchase of one (or more) of these prints for anyone interested in art, tarot or the art of tarot, whether you use the Deviant Moon deck or not. They are exquisite.

(Pictures after the jump)

The sketchy envelope and sturdy, protective packaging

The packaging made me homesick. My grandmother is a fine artist and seeing the layers of packaging and masking tape reminded me of how she packs her prints. You can tell a true artist by the way they ship their work.

Inside sketches, promo card & protected print

Sketches on every surface, including the back of each print!

Saturated colours & layers of detail on high-quality paper – divine!

I cannot describe how glorious these prints are, really. The colours are delicious, rich; velvety in their texture and depth. These photos don’t do them justice by miles. The extra details that suddenly popped into view floored me. The images are practically alive and I could easily become lost in them. And that 2 of Pentacles…

She is fierce, in a completely non-Tyra sense. Like she’s been disturbed – by YOU – and is this close to unleashing all manner of unholy hell for the audacity of it. What I admire most is that Patrick has truly captured the essence of gothic tribal bellydance. She is dark, dynamic, dramatic, dangerous, touched by Death. I am drawn to her pale skin, hypnotically piercing glare and the – what look like – knives in her hair. She is perfect, right down to her cyber-locks and tribal adornments. It’s like Ariellah or Sashi stepped through into the Deviant world… or rather, it makes me think that that’s where they’re originally from.

This card is the embodiment of everything that drew me to bellydance in the first place; the latent, coiled power and subtle depth I sensed behind the movements and the music; the way I wanted to interpret the dance, the costumes I wanted to wear, long before gothic bellydance “officially” existed.

Now I’m waiting for the Sister deck. It’s more than a rumour at this stage, but is still far from finished. From the way Patrick has described it though, it seems she will be right up my particular aesthetic street. Waiting is such sweet torment! Until then, I’m keeping my eyes open for the Death print… and the Ace of Cups. So hands off, they’re mine!

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15 thoughts on “Deviant (Moon) Art

  1. erishilton says:

    Squee! Those are fantastic!

    The two of pents is one of my favorite cards, and to see it all gothic-tribal-bellydanced up makes me tres happy.

    Major jelz! I love-love-love getting prints from artists of decks. I have tiny but very sweet little print of the Empress from the Sakki-Sakki deck. And you’re right… The packaging says a lot (in that case, the shipping envelope was printed with subtle and cute little doodley-illustrations from the artist. Yay!)

    I’ve had the Deviant Moon deck on my to-buy list for a while, but keep shuffling it to the back since for me it’s more of an art deck than a reading deck. It’s not my style at all, but that doesn’t make me want it any less. Decks I can possibly read with always trump decks I want for art’s sake.

    Speaking of slightly sinister decks with awesome art that I won’t be able to read with but still lust over… Have you seen the Tarot of Sweet Twilight? NO SPARKLY VAMPIRES!!! NO! The hippie shop near my office has a copy in stock, and I’m trying to be good (it’s more of an intuitive deck, which makes my brain ache), but… but… I want it! Gah!


  2. submerina says:

    I KNOW! She’s fabulous!
    The SS Empress is another good one and how nice that that came to you all special-like as well.

    I was excited about the DM since I first found out about it (waaaaaay back) and then when it came out and I saw the images, it was almost as if it was _too_ much for me. Noe that I’m starting to understand tarot a bit more though, I’m finding I’m warming up to it more and more. People seem to get wonderful readings with it. It’s DEFINITELY a must-have deck just for the art.

    Sweet Twilight’s another one that a huge hit, but when I look at it, I don’t feel much. Maybe it will grow on me too? I think it’s one of those that, if I held it in my hands, I might feel differently.

    What’s this “you not reading intuitively” bull?? Your card conversation posts alone say that you are beyond ace at intuitive reading :D


  3. erishilton says:

    In some cards, the ST uses a lot of different imagery that has no connection to the usual symbolism. I don’t even recognize half of the minors! It’s like ordering a cheeseburger, and being handed a bag of gummi worms. I think I’ll have to read it for what is on the card, without any preconceived ideas about what it “should” mean. I like me a little bit of a foundation before I leap into intuition land. :)


  4. submerina says:

    “It’s like ordering a cheeseburger, and being handed a bag of gummi worms.”

    See, now THAT is the kind of review that would convince me, sight unseen! Hail Eris ;)


  5. Ellen says:

    I ordered a large print from Patrick a few months ago, it was the seven of pentacles. I too was extreamly impressed with the quality of the print and all the little details that just popped right out. He stopped printing for a while, but glad to see he is back making these works of art again. I am in need of a bellydancer print


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