Fool Moon Fever Spread

The name of this spread is actually “Full Moon”, but no matter how many times I wrote or typed it, it kept coming out as “Fool Moon”. The truth will out, so why fight it?

After the frustrating end to my past life reading, I was quite torn up about what I’m doing with this whole tarot “thing”. Confused, frustrated, conflicted, they all came to visit. No matter how many times I’ve tried to read on my creativity and how to move it forward, I keep coming up with gobbeldy-gook and now it’s happening for the spirituality side of the matter too?! In the words of Eric Cartman, “Godammit, I hate you guys so much right now.” But Eris came to my rescue with her “Full Moon Fever Spread“. It’s small and simple and perfect for hand-holding as I traverse the chasm.

Of course, this spread is a job for none other than the Truth-Seeker’s! ::trumpet fanfare:: I read it quick-n-dirty style, not thinking too much about my reactions. Once I had my first impressions down I went over it again, making connections and observing patterns. 6 cards from the past life spread showed up again. 6 cards out of 9, 2/3 repetition. In other words, pay attention, girlie!


fool moon

Truth-Seeker’s Tarot by Sylvie Daigneault and David Fontana; Duncan Baird, 2008

[1] My spiritual progress as it exists now
9 of Swords, Prince of Swords

Very much in and of the mind, with over-analysis and too much thought being something of an issue.

The 9 is in a cathedral… no, a sanctuary. The final sword is being prepared, polished, to take its place with the others. The light streaming in the window feels like candlelight, softer than sunlight. Only the central window is open; guards are placed before the other two. But look, they aren’t real guards, just suits of armour. The illusion of barred entry. There is a sense of carefulness in the scene. Like, very careful preparation, someone new to the job who doesn’t want to screw things up.

A for the Prince, well, there are my doubts, plain as day. And again, Swords. It’s all in the mind. A mind that is being, not quite torn, but definitely feeling some conflict over the choice between “fortress” and “unknown”. Trepidation.

[2] How things will evolve in the next four weeks
King of Wands, 9 of Cups

Very dynamic, much more elemental. The fire is being brought swiftly and powerfully; the force of it radiates off the King. The horse seems to float over the ground, even its tail reaches upwards. He is a very young king, and friendly. He is absolutely a do-er – no sitting on his throne all day for this king! There are 7 Wands…

9 of Cups again, but their flow looks so much faster this time in combination with the King. The cycle is spinning around! Fire and Water are in opposition to each other, but I think that in this case, fire is exactly what the water needs to get going. Like an olde-timey crazy inventor contraption where fire heats water to make steam which powers a whirlygig. Movement, as opposed to stuck-ness. Yah!

[3] Someone or something that will affect it
6 of Wands, The Star

The beginning of a gateway, a portal. It is a simple structure, reaching up to the sun. Eyes. Eyes! 2 eyes with “lashes” of trees and wheat stalks, with the 3rd in bloom. 3 eyes (windows – of the soul) on the 9 of Swords, with emphasis on the middle (3rd)! And The Star – hope, trust, faith. Fire and Water (in the scene) together again, with Aquarius for Air. A peaceful balance, or co-mingling… a chemical reaction. Who or what, though? Myself?

[4] Outcome to be reached by the next Full Moon (December 2)
8 of Cups, Prince of Cups

So we end as we began… it was all for the union, oh the union of the woman, the woman and the man“.

Despite the movement in the King and 9, the 8 is still and composed again. Kinda lifeless. Or waiting for the missing piece. The Cups on display remind me far too much of the careful arrangement of Swords in the 9. Does the light that streams into the courtyard come from the room the houses the swords? But the ships… there is movement behind the scenes. Things happening; being ferried back and forth. This card almost seems to be holding its breath; a pause, and then?

The Prince, too, pauses. Contemplates, reflects, allows his horse to drink. Is he still thinking of the home he left behind? But he is changed, as has his (inner) landscape. So, not much change in terms of progress, but a change in attitude or focus, perhaps? There is calmness where there was tension… it’s very interesting. Something I can feel, but can’t quite express.

[5] Center: How will I feel about this in 1 month’s time?
2 of Pentacles

Earth, grounding, balance, union, peace. This card waits too, though, for its missing component. And it is full of eyes! It seems like the Pentacles are able to get a bird’s eye view; see the bigger picture. This scene really looks like one that could be stepped into… maybe it’s waiting for me.


Closing Thoughts:

This is a very masculine spread… there is a distinctly manly vibe coming off of it. But it isn’t overly aggressive. It feels solid, steady, simple. I’m struggling with my words, but I get a feeling of reassurance fomr the spread.

There is a clear progression from all Swords to all Cups, with Wands as the facilitator.

All the arches… arched shapes… doorways, openings. 9 of Swords, King of Wands, 9 of Cups, 6 of Wands, 8 of Cups, 2 of Pentacles. 6 cards. Doors and eyes.

Most striking is the number of horses that showed up in this spread. Well, obviously, given the Knights and Kings, but I feel it is more than that. The horses are what stand out. They are companions, guides. They feel what the rider feels and respond accordingly. Horses have long been regarded as symbols of spiritual guidance, even psychopomps. Along with this, they represent freedom, power and ambition. And war. I can’t get away from them – they are an important message. It’s almost as if this spread is about the horses and the part they play, rather than anything else that’s going on. Hang on, Jung equated horses with the intuitive aspect of human nature. Interesting. Very interesting. Time for more research, I guess!


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